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  1. Hi Rod and Barry, are you still booked on this one? Many have changed to the 2023 WC - but not I. We are booked Dover to Auckland leg also. Me (L) and my partner Chrissy (T). It would be super fantastic to find Family on this cruise!
  2. Thanks for your answer, I feel reassured by it and will do a search on this forum.
  3. Hi family I am more lesbian than bi - but that's a whole other story. My partner and I are planning a World Cruise (or half of it anyway) and my partner is a transitioning trans woman. The transition road has been very bumpy, for a variety of reasons - and she still goes under her bio passport and spends some time in her male form. Whether this is ideal or advisable is not the issue here. I would much prefer her to be free to cruise as a woman but she is uncertain about the response of other passengers - its a whole boatload of strangers, literally. It would be great to find other LGBTQ
  4. Does anyone know the status of cruises between Australia and New Zealand? I'm booked on one for November (ever the optimist) but with the announcement of the Trans Tasman bubble there was no mention of cruise ships.
  5. Not sailing 8th April on Golden Princess any more. Instead add me to sailing Sapphire Princess 29th November 2020 Melbourne round trip 14 days.
  6. My understanding of the new temporary policy is that if we decide to cancel in the period in which we normally lose 50% of the fare (Cancellation fee) and in which we normally get refunded 50%... Now we would be refunded 50% (in cash) and the other 50% - the cancellation fee, would be held as a FCC on our account. Is this what other people understand?
  7. Does anyone know how many are left on board? I imagine a lot of Japanese pax would have taken up the offer of quarantine on land, but we have no news in that regard.
  8. Ok lets say passenger 0 was infectious the whole 5 days he was on board, the incubation time is variable so hard to say with certainty, but say he infected 20 people in that 5 days to the 25th January. Then say the virus becomes contagious before symptoms show, those 20 people then go on to infect people up to the time of the start of quarantine on 3rd Feb. The people they infect also have time to infect people before the quarantine kicks in. The spread is exponential. As the incubation period is between 5-14 days (although now they are thinking it may be longer) those infections won't show
  9. @Pushka Trolling 101 - edit posts after person foolishly tries to argue. I'm done.
  10. Ok you didnt read my post, or you disagree with what I said. I can't see the point of further discussion.
  11. This is a common argument I have seen on the internet. However I beg to differ, however, for these reasons. The incubation period is 2-12 days in which time the person is infectious before showing symptoms, so the spread is alarming. Second, the time a person is sick seems to be a lot longer. Looking at the statististics shows currently around 600 people have died and around 1700 have recovered. That's 33% ish. A person is unwell for quite a while before they either get better (or not) and so the mortality rate is hard to tell at this early stage. Remember there were only a couple of hund
  12. It does appear to be still there, just very confusing when looking up the location. There are so many changes in that area of the wharfs its hard to know - google wasn't helpful. Best to check things with a phone call. I'll shut up now.
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