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  1. This can be true of straight couples as well. It just comes down to luck i think, on who ends up on the cruise and who you end meeting/bumping into? Almost in the same way when you are in a bar.
  2. They took me along the Great Ocean Road and then a few days later Phillip Island. i did ask for a city tour as well for the first day i arrived, but apparently do city tours (which is kinda strange). i found a great walking tour company anyway but ive forgotten the name sorry lol enjoy melbourne. its a great city to look around and some beautiful places outside of it as well. you'll have a ball!
  3. Just thought id mention we had a recent stop in Melbourne port and managed to find a gay tour company, who were excellent. the were called 'vic rainbow tours' incase anyone is interested. happy cruising :)
  4. Sitting on a train for 5 hours....hmmm not sure i see the point in that. its not like london doesnt have anything to offer. so would argue more.
  5. yes i second a walking tour....the recomedation above is a good one. you can probably even do a morning tour and then an afternoon tour in a different area if you have the energy. i find london walking tours to be the most rewarding as there is sooooooo much to see by foot.
  6. i see you have already booked, but fyi may school holidays, people book things last minute so it only really gets busy if the weather is good. in july/aug people pre-book everything regardless of the weather
  7. I'm not sure of a tour company per say, but id allocate 8 hours for windsor castle minimum. 1 hour travel each way, queue, etc food, plus i think the tours are timed? depending on what tour you choose of course
  8. yep train is the best way. i find www.thetraineline.com as the best place to book train tickets. very easy to use even on a mobile
  9. Bristol is pretty horrible. It has a bad repuatation for violence on sat nights. Bath 100%!!!!
  10. Just make sure you are preferably next to a major train station. That shoulw make getting to/from the port much easier.
  11. We went for the most expensive tickets. To be honest you will be lucky just being there, so best to make it that extra bit special. i called up over the phone and they were most helpful about chosing where t sit etc.
  12. I often take the national express. Althought ive had a few horror journeys as well....normally due to who i end up having to sit next to. so i guess its pot luck. ou could have a quiet coach (great) or a packed one with obnoxious passengers (oh dear)
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