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  1. @Peregrina651 Do you know if this is also the case for arrival times when the first night is an overnight in the embarkation city?
  2. Thank you for calling these out, they were great!
  3. The Mediterranean & Italian Sojourn on the Viking Sky
  4. Just out of excitement for my upcoming trip, and having never been on a Viking cruise before, I would love to see some examples or photos of Viking Daily's to get an idea of what the days can look like onboard. I've seen photos of large fruit and chocolate tables and am curious to know more about or how often they are set up, or info about lectures, movies, etc. I would love to see/hear more about cruisers past experiences!
  5. This would be awesome! Was it a tour offered by Viking?
  6. Thank you all so much for the responses! The cruise I am going on is the Mediterranean & Italian Sojourn (Venice to Barcelona) with overnights in Venice, Livorno and Barcelona but I'm most interested in spending as much time as I can exploring Venice.
  7. I am super excited for my upcoming cruise with Viking but I'm curious about how the overnight stops work. Is there a "curfew" or specific time that people need to be back on board the ship durning the overnight? I would love to take advantage of some of the nightlife on shore but I don't want to get my hopes up just to find out we will have to board the ship earlier than expected for the night. Going to be a blast either way! Any insight from previous cruisers would be greatly appreciated!
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