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  1. We took a day trip up the "haul road" to Coldfoot (or something like that) - then flew back to Fairbanks. It was interesting - but I wanted to drive the haul road and was strongly discouraged from doing that.
  2. Thank you, both, for your kind attention.
  3. We don't see any tour operator "recommended" inoculations for an upcoming Egypt/Nile adventure. Does anyone have experience or information as to NOT getting shots before Egypt - when we are traveling with a well-known tour provider?
  4. We do not see any tour provider "recommended" inoculation for upcoming Egypt and Nile adventure. Does anyone have good information or experience as to not getting shots before going to Egypt with a well known tour provider?
  5. Is there a thread sharing information about specifically numbered staterooms on the various HAL ships? We are currently booked on the Nieuw Amsterdam for April 2020 and were wondering about the specific stateroom.
  6. Thank you, CruiserBruce, for your kind attention. I was looking for more "general" impressions of the itinerary. The ship will be new to us, but we've cruised with HAL previously. We've been to Rome and Venice, but Naples will be new. So we have some general experience, just looking (at this time) for overall impressions of HAL "doing" Western Europe. I've looked at the Roll Call board - seems thin for the 4-17 itinerary (where the 4-28 itinerary has 3 pages, but seems confused as to embarkation points and sometimes even debarkation point - I think it is a one-way Barcelona to Venice - but can't be sure). Also - I read that the New Amsterdam will just be out of dry dock - then read a retraction of that information. On another thread, there was discussion as to "just out of dry dock". We had a very POOR experience on the Zuiderdam just out of dry dock previously and really don't want to repeat that experience!
  7. I've completed a search with little results -- so I'm posing the question to the community We are looking at HAL New Amsterdam out of Barcelona in April 2020. We'd like to get information about that itinerary --11 Day Ancient Treasures (Barcelona, Sete, Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome, Naples, Tunis & Carthage, Valetta) -- and about HAL in Europe generally Can anyone provide some information - or direct me to where the info might be located?
  8. Yes - it is a matter that can be "worked around" But it is symbolic of the clunky web site design and the intermittent failures. Sure each individual time it happens, it is a sigh and move on. It is the accumulation of failures in different areas that create the frustration.
  9. WE had the same issue with Tropicana v. Amazing Evening -- Tropicana has a 7 day notice cancellation with a small penalty. Guest relations worked "with" us to get information, but then exceeded their mandate by accepting the penalty and cancelling our Tropicana reservations (I requested that the AZRepresentative learn what the Tropicana would do and I wanted a full refund - I didn't care if that refund came from Tropicana or AZ - the Representative accepted the cancelation with penalty from Tropicana, but didn't get the balance refunded from AZ.) In any case - hearing about the Tropicana and experiencing the "Azamzing Evening" -- I wish we'd chosen the Tropicana.
  10. kcscrapper


    I'd suggest you contact "Blexie" - Havana Tours https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g147271-d11950395-Reviews-Havana_Tours_With_Blexie-Havana_Ciudad_de_la_Habana_Province_Cuba.html We used him in Havana in November and he is a bright, articulate, well organized young man - and already has information about Jewish theme tours in Havana.
  11. We exchanged money in each port. Just be sure to request a receipt. Our guide said there had been some shenanigans with tourists getting short changed at the conversion booths - their computer states the amounts and conversion rates and will print the receipt. Tell then you want a receipt.
  12. Aside from the SNAFU of retrieving "prohibited" items from security, early WALK OFF was pretty simple. WE didn't wait for an announcement. Near the announced projected time, we were ready and left our cabin heading for the gangway. We found the correct location, verified with the security staff where to wait. They were prepared and we were 2nd in line when the ship was cleared (right around 7:00 AM - as projected). We walked off - walked though customs, found the "prohibited items retrieval place" (outside customs) and got in line for a cab. A cab arrived immediately and we were off to MIA. MIA was a disaster - with long security lines -- AND they had the dogs out. But I still made my "early" flight (11:00 AM - not all that early!!)
  13. This drink issue is obviously on-going and confusing! I wasn't confused when boarding - due to participation here, I knew to request "with included spirits" when ordering a "suspicious" drink - a mojito. At sail away, above the Pool Bar, I requested a "mojito with included spirits". The server was totally okay with the order - the delivered drink was a perfect mojito! I was pleased. I next ordered a mojito at the Pool Bar - in person. The bartender requested my card. I said "with included spirits" -- he was totally non-plussed, pulled a sour face and went off. The delivered drink was terrible -- bitter, full of rum and mint and pretty much nothing else. I returned it to the barman. I tried later at the Sunset Bar - again the waiter requested my card and I reminded him I said "with included spirits". The drink delivered was, again, terrible - lemon (rather than lime), bitter, no sparkle. I returned it - and this server reported my dissatisfaction. It was a kurfuffle with the director coming and inquiring as to my satisfaction - calling in someone else to make the drink. The drink they delivered was marginally better, but still NOT the level of the first. I tried again, later, at another bar, to get a mojito with included spirts and was disappointed against with the bar tender's attitude and a poor drink. I didn't say anything .. just wandered off leaving my drink at the table. My sister is a scientist so we tested our hypothesis and ordered a mojito and offered my card. Beautiful mojito delivered -- perfect in all ways - sweet-ish, sparkling, limey, minty, rummy perfection! I wondered if the "included spirit" being used might be suspect. I ordered a daiquiri - which is on the included list. It was good, so I don't think the rum was the issue with the mojito. I know what my conclusion is. (The attention paid to my issue is not the point of this post. I appreciate their attention but it would have been better if the matter had been solved with a good drink every time "mojito with included spirts" was ordered. If there is only one bar tender who can make a good mojito - then it is a matter of communication and training. But I don't think that is the issue ....)
  14. That matter of communication is our biggest criticism of our Azamara cruise -- we simply couldn't get accurate information from guest relations on several matters (tours, procedures and security) and resorted to "triangulation" (we would ask 3 different staff members) to arrive at a "consensus".
  15. A woman on Journey just YESTERDAY (November 20) had a 9 AM flight. We got off the ship -- early departure dealing with our own luggage -- promptly. I'm fairly sure she got the to the airport on time - BUT security was a nightmare in the American terminal with the dogs out and huge lines. So - yes ... you MIGHT be able to get off the ship in a time manner (but there are no guarantees as to that since the ship must clear customs), but you can't count on MIA being a smooth transfer.
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