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  1. And that thought is verified by the new video at the bottom of the above CNBC item - Headline: "Cruise industry proposes ban on passengers over 70" (without doctor statement that they are fit to travel -- was the rest of the sentence)
  2. Apparently the email says "don't call about Canada. They are evaluating."
  3. How will this ship board in FLL? Americans are banned from European travel; Europeans can't get to American for the voyage.
  4. I just did - along with the 3 other "citations" of the new policy (after checking my email - no info; the roll call for the cruise - also no info). So we are seeing "reports" of a new cancelation policy but I, as a booked passenger with outstanding questions as to this specific topic open with my PCC, have not received anything.
  5. Exactly what I was going to point out -- further - the Princess ships, Diamond and Grand, are under the Carnival CORP umbrella.
  6. We are watching this situation - the temporary changes to the cruise cancellation policy - closely. And - I fully state, that what HAL does and how HAL responds NOW will fully inform future cruise purchase decisions.
  7. We took a day trip up the "haul road" to Coldfoot (or something like that) - then flew back to Fairbanks. It was interesting - but I wanted to drive the haul road and was strongly discouraged from doing that.
  8. We don't see any tour operator "recommended" inoculations for an upcoming Egypt/Nile adventure. Does anyone have experience or information as to NOT getting shots before Egypt - when we are traveling with a well-known tour provider?
  9. We do not see any tour provider "recommended" inoculation for upcoming Egypt and Nile adventure. Does anyone have good information or experience as to not getting shots before going to Egypt with a well known tour provider?
  10. Is there a thread sharing information about specifically numbered staterooms on the various HAL ships? We are currently booked on the Nieuw Amsterdam for April 2020 and were wondering about the specific stateroom.
  11. Thank you, CruiserBruce, for your kind attention. I was looking for more "general" impressions of the itinerary. The ship will be new to us, but we've cruised with HAL previously. We've been to Rome and Venice, but Naples will be new. So we have some general experience, just looking (at this time) for overall impressions of HAL "doing" Western Europe. I've looked at the Roll Call board - seems thin for the 4-17 itinerary (where the 4-28 itinerary has 3 pages, but seems confused as to embarkation points and sometimes even debarkation point - I think it is a one-way Barcelona to V
  12. I've completed a search with little results -- so I'm posing the question to the community We are looking at HAL New Amsterdam out of Barcelona in April 2020. We'd like to get information about that itinerary --11 Day Ancient Treasures (Barcelona, Sete, Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome, Naples, Tunis & Carthage, Valetta) -- and about HAL in Europe generally Can anyone provide some information - or direct me to where the info might be located?
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