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  1. Thank you very much for all the replies. Great community which explains why I enjoy cruising holidays so much. Always seem to meet the nicest people. Glen
  2. I am so with you. I wish I had done this years ago and a little lighter. Glen
  3. Thank you - was very dubious about San Juan as an option - your first hand knowledge greatly appreciated. Glen
  4. Thank you Russ. Great pictures looks perfect and just what we would want. DW loves the beach so definitely under consideration. Glen
  5. Thank you. We have St Thomas as a call but my DW suffers bad claustrophobia so cannot handle wearing a mask and therefore cannot snorkel. I need to try and find a balance where she can go off and do her own think and we meet up later so St Thomas may not work for us but appreciate the suggestion. Being realistic it looks as if I may be better off trying scuba at a land based resort rather than on a cruise.
  6. Unfortunately Woodwind was fully booked so did the Samur sail and snorkel excursion through the ship - I try and avoid ship excursions as much as possible but in this instance worked out well as we were late back and they had to wait for us. Glen
  7. Thank you. Good advice re the life Insurance - not something I would have thought about - I am planning on making it back alive. On a serious note wouldn't dream of not completing the form honestly. I looked into doing an intro with a local dive school - unfortunately did not have a very good experience - they were more interested in up-selling and would only do a pool orientation. I love snorkeling and try and get in as much as possible when we cruise. Did a Bonaire drift snorkel last year and was blown away - loved every minute of it which is why I thought I
  8. Hi All I am considering trying a discover scuba diving excursion on our next cruise - Serenade of the Seas, April 2020 sailing. Anybody have any experience of doing this as a ship excursion? It is offered in either Philipsburg, St Maarten. or San Juan, Puerto Rico. In your opinion which would be the better option? In the description it states that a medical waiver is required and if any question is answered yes - a certificate from a doctor is required. How do you go about getting the medical waiver so that you can arrange a medical certif
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