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  1. We have done one Celebrity cruise a few years back and missed the vibe of RCI - our favorite is Radiance class. Over the years we have noticed a distinct decline in the night time entertainment and general wow factor on the smaller ships - Voyager and Freedom class did not inspire us but we loved Anthem of the Seas. Put off by the size of Oasis so have not tried it. We are going back to Celebrity for our next cruise as over time our cruise tastes have matured - the body no longer does all nighters without serious repercussions the next day despite the mind believing it still can. In our experience the lines are more similar than different. Loved the layout of Equinox our only Celebrity cruise to date - it has a lot of echos of Radiance class. The pluses for us which informed our next cruise decision and led to booking Reflection for our next cruise Feel of less people and crowding - fellow passengers seemed to be more relaxed Superior service - not that we have had any bad service on RCI it was just a notch up on Celebrity. Better Main Dining Room experience overall - we are not foodies but do 1 or 2 nights in specialty restaurants on RCI - we did not feel a need to do this on celebrity More relaxing and laid back atmosphere Celebrity offer wider choice for 10 night plus cruises to the Caribbean Wife loved Casino on both lines - again more similar than different. I'm not a fan of Casinos so indifferent on this aspect. Entertainment is there in the bars and lounges - but you do need to seek it out unlike RCI where it is all around you. I will miss the Diamond lounge for coffee breaks and early morning chill out. Hope this helps
  2. Think I got it - you need to crop the image in google photo first
  3. Test google photo Anybody know how to get rid of the black borders?
  4. Test Shutterfly upload Thank you to all for the great advice.
  5. We are calling at Piraeus on a cruise in October and as we have visited Athens before are interested in making this a beach day. Are taxi's readily available at the Port? On our last visit, taxis were readily available but were very persistent on selling day tours to Athens itself which suited us at the time. Really like the look of Astir Beach, is it easy to find a taxi on the return trip? Any help appreciated.
  6. Just back this morning. What a pleasure using ABP Parking. Don't know why I stressed about shuttle parking it was a top notch experience all round. Wonderful helpful staff and so organised. Left ship at 8:15 and was at the car and fully loaded by 8:45. Departure process was just as organised. A marshal shows you where to park, loads your bags directly onto the shuttle which then proceeds to the Terminal with a transit stop to offload the luggage. From parking to check in was 20 minutes max.
  7. Thanks stuartgrn. Lesson learned. I tried upgrading today unfortunately parking at the Terminal is fully booked for our cruise. When do you cruise in September. We sail the 1st Glen
  8. Hi All I was offered free parking as one of the incentives to book with my travel Agent. After weeks of nagging I've just received the parking voucher for my cruise in a weeks time and note that it is for the shuttle parking. In all my pre-cruise research I only found information about the parking directly at the Terminal. It has also not helped that when I googled to find more information the first review was about waiting 1.5 hours on the return to get an available shuttle back to the parking. I accept that there is not much I can do about it at this point and I'm not going to stress about it, but as this is our first time sailing from Southampton can anybody who has used the shuttle parking help with some details about how it actually works? Do we have to go and drop luggage at the Terminal first? How easy is it to transfer with luggage. We don't pack light and will take full advantage of not having airline baggage restrictions. How much extra time should I plan for to make sure I stay within my check in appointment slot? What happens on the return is it better to get the car first and then go back to the Terminal to pick up luggage? Is the car park and directions clearly signposted? I believe that Gate 8 will be closed for cruisers because of the boat show so we will need to use Gate 10. Appreciate any first hand experience anybody has had. Glen
  9. Enjoying your review. Please continue to post about the Ports. Love other perspectives and also helps in planning our own. We sail September 1. Can't wait
  10. Great review. Congratulations on your wedding. We sail the same itinerary 1 Sept and really appreciate your tips and sharing your experiences
  11. I had a reservation for Devinly Decadence which showed on my cruise planner. A few weeks ago my reservation was replaced with Solarium Bistro. DD is also no longer listed as an option in the planner. Not sure when this change will be made but it is no longer available on our sailing.
  12. I heard from a friend who was on a cruise where the waiter told them they heard it from the gift shop attendant that it is the first in a series of new fleet wide art installations
  13. We did this excursion after our last cruise on Celebrity so imagine it would be the same or very similar. We had to meet up in one of the lounges on board and where then escorted to the baggage Hall where we collected our bags and cleared customs. As we exited the terminal the rep was there to meet us and our bags loaded onto the coach (by terminal and airport) where they remained until we arrived at the airport. We waited about 1/2 an hour for everybody to clear customs before departure. The guide was one of the best we have ever had, she was from Texas and had an amazing sense of humour. The land portion was good and we got a lot of information about the history of Fort Lauderdale. The highlight was the cruise portion. The crew on the boat were excellent and made you feel really at home and provided interesting commentary on the sites and marine traffic we passed by. Our bags remained on the coach with the driver while we were on the waterway. At the conclusion of the water tour, the coach took passengers to Fort Lauderdale Airport and then continued onto Miami Airport. I believe we got to MIA about 2.30. It sure beat sitting round an airport all day (we had a 9pm departure) and was one of the easiest transfer options we have experienced. Given that it suited our needs for transfer and to kill some time I'd rate it very highly.
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