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  1. Would it be possible for the ship to "port", the captain step off the ship, sign a document, get back on and sail away? Only the captain ever left the ship, but it officially made "port". Possible? Also, wouldn't it be possible for U.S. Congress to temporarily undo the "Passenger Vessel Services Act of 1886" and simply allow the cruises industry to sail without stopping at a foreign port? I mean Congress put this law in place in 1886 for a reason, but surely things could temporarily be eased?
  2. Does a cruise line owned foreign island count as a port? I think there are 7 of them.
  3. The current CDC no sail order expires this Wednesday, September 30. On Wednesday, we will find out if the no sail order is extended or is lifted by the CDC and cruises can resume at U.S. Ports. What I don't know is if does resume then does each port have the option to suspend or resume? I've read that Florida ports want to resume, but not sure if all ports want that or not. I suppose it's possible west coast or new england ports would remain closed even though the CDC has lifted the no sail order? https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/
  4. I try to price all my vacations from about $200-$300 per day for two people, total all in. This includes airfare, hotel, meals and alcohol per day. I've travelled all over Europe, Mexico, USA, Hawaii, and particularly Las Vegas on this budget plan, although it is getting harder to do it. On the surface these locations would seem wildy different in cost, but I've found a week in Vegas is the same as a week in Europe in the end. While it's cheaper to fly and stay in Vegas, gambling and food costs add up. Europe is expensive for flight and hotel, but then when you are there you can do a lot
  5. Yes, I agree in print is best. Often times when I've called they were simply reading it from the website. And if they have the link they can send it to you. I think it's safe to say (sadly) that if it's not in print, then they don't know at the current time, but will know later. I've also found that it depends on who your conversing with. The worst is a lower end reservation agent that simply wants to book a reservation for you. This group has solid contact information for Princess: https://www.elliott.org/company-contacts/princess/ The email address is
  6. A great idea would be to call Princess up on the telephone and the report your findings here! Even if the answer is "we don't know" that might be helpful to some. It's great way to find out answers and help other cruisers on the CruiseCritic community! I would call them and ask the question, but I don't have the problem that you do.
  7. Why are you waiting for responses here? Why would Princess use this forum as official response to your questions? If you have questions for Princess call them up directly on the telephone and ask them. And if they don't know at the moment, trust that "they don't know at the moment" and wait. I'm sorry you have to wait to find out. I'm sorry that so much is up in the air. Coronavirus be damned. But, if there is one thing I am sure of, is that Princess as a business will figure out how to handle your issue as a business when the time comes and I am fairly certain th
  8. According to the press release by the Cruise Lines International Association, the recent recommendations apply to U.S. Ports.
  9. One would hope someone that didn't want to wear a mask would simply exercise their free right to not go on the cruise. For those that think otherwise, perhaps the method employed by the airlines would work? I really feel sorry for the people that have essentially ruined their future travel lives by trying to make a political statement by not wearing a mask on an airline and being banned from flying on that airline... for life. IMHO I find it absurd that people don't stop patronizing businesses they don't like. Yet, time and time again, people continue to patronize the business a
  10. When my doctor does blood tests, if the result is positive, my doctor will test again. If it is positive again, then it's confirmed positive (statistically). If the second result is negative, then a third test is done to confirm. If the third test is positive, then it's confirmed positive. If the third test is negative, it's confirmed negative. I would think the two test approach (one before port) and again at port is designed to reduce statistical positives. But, you are right, it never will be 100%. For that there is the further mitigation of masks and social dis
  11. I was thinking of something similar when I was writing my previous response. Freak possibility they triple their prices because of the induced demand and they make "more" money with reduced capacity than they did prior! Lowered expenses with lower people too! I've seen it happen already, some restaurants in my area love having their dining room closed. And they are doing twice or more business with take out and delivery. I realize not all restaurants are having a good time, we've lost many so far that can't make it. But, I've seen weird things happen with some busin
  12. I think they could come up with a variety of ways to make this work... For example, the rapid covid test would be done in port at time of check-in, so they would see you, just before you enter the ship. The pre-travel test could be done at a rite-aid or similar testing facility, and you would come to the port with your test results printed with your name, etc. Granted there are tons of issues/problems/one-offs with this approach as well. But, this is what is so good about Cruise Critic forum, it is loaded with people who can think up all the issues/problem
  13. I don't think the cruise lines would decide on who goes first and who doesn't . Just like a hotel they would take rooms out of inventory. For example, 50% of the rooms would be "sold" from day one. Then booking begins, first come, first served (they might send out an email to past guests or cancelled people). Then when it's "full" it's full. Just like a hotel doesn't decide who books and who doesn't, if you get a room, great, if not, it's "sold out". Granted there could be a variety of options, they might take out all the inside cabins, use those for staff and only open up the balconies a
  14. I'm so hoping cruising starts up again soon. I'm really hoping Covid-19 mitigation efforts will allow cruising start up up again sooner rather than later for U.S. ports. It's a lot of mitigation, but I will take it! Just today, I read several new reports on starting back up. Sorry if it is old news for you, it was too exciting for me not to post. From these articles and a radio story, I gathered: Crew will be quarantined for 14 days before starting their contract Crew will be tested at the beginning and middle of each cruise Crew will be required t
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