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  1. So true! This is my first time logging on in months, just to see seaman11's latest prediction! And it was on top of the board! But there isn't going to be cruising until the mid-west and south get serious about wearing masks. That won't be by Feb.
  2. Yup, everyone's an idiot but you. What you "seasoned" cruisers seem to forget is many of us don't think we should have to work that hard to get decent treatment. I think the casual cruiser is done with this nonsense for awhile. You guys are going to have to take up the slack to keep these cruise lines going.
  3. Just a follow-up that I can't post in the locked original thread and fits here: I completed the online refund form on April 13. Then, not wanting to wait I disputed the charge on AMEX and they refunded my money on 4/15 with the proviso: If you don't hear from us by 06/24/2020, then you may consider this matter closed. On 6/23/20, AMEX rebilled me for the cruise saying NCL showed enough evidence. Fine by me, I like how AMEX waited until the last minute. I should have my refund well before the monthly payment is due. And if I don't get it, I just refile the dispute that c
  4. Start a dispute on your credit card. That's what the process is for.
  5. OK, there's one. Another 3,999 or so and we can fill one boat.
  6. It's like when Starbucks raises prices and blames it on the cost of coffee beans. Of course, when the price of beans comes down the cost of the coffee stays up.
  7. I wonder how many people will be willing to spend the money for a cruise under these new conditions. It doesn't sound like much fun.
  8. I hope no one is listening to this guy. Receiving FCC is not the same as receiving a refund. I didn't request FCC and having it foisted on to me is not "a refund you already received". Still, I told Amex about the refund request process up front. And got my money back in 2 days.
  9. Yet predictable. I'd be stunned if any refunds show up before the 90 days.
  10. Let's just get this straight for the record. The delay is not due to the need "NCL has to separate the elements." It's pure greed. They have your money for a service they failed to provide. They will not give it back until they have to.
  11. I'd be stunned if any refunds come before the 90 days. Carnival just sold bonds at an 11.75% rate. That's what money is costing cruise lines these days. So effectively, any money NCL pays out any sooner than they have to costs them 11.75%. That's not an incentive to pay.
  12. I dispute having to wait over 90 days for my money. I dispute NCL making me wait 2 weeks before they would even allow me to request a refund. As I've read on other posts, these tactics have been successful at confusing people. Luckily for us, you not being "not sure" was not a consideration for Amex. They gave me my money back almost 2 months ago. A big chunk of that cash went into an index fund that's earned me over $300 since. I'd still be waiting at least another month if I didn't dispute it. NCL isn't a charity.
  13. That's what I'm telling people. You should have done it sooner. And if they rebill you (they won't) that doesn't mean you have to pay anything.
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