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  1. Why do the rights of the selfish take priority?
  2. At least those people could spend their store credit, the store hadn't closed. Crusing is the only industry where they rip you off and have their customers rub it in online.
  3. What's going to happen is you are going to get screwed and complain about it. NCL will ignore you while their CruiseCritic sock puppets here bombard you with posts telling you it was own damn fault.
  4. If only all victims of a scam were so easy. The vacation that one did not receive has value. It has value long after the trip has been concluded. To not get what you paid for, not get a refund is not a sunk cost. It's larceny.
  5. And NCL cancelled the next cruise on them. They should get that money back. NCL has had their money for over a year and has provided nothing. It's criminal.
  6. You say that based on one, unique cruise with only 35% or so of new money. That is a reach, to say the least.
  7. The rational explanation is they raised their prices to cover all the FCC out there, since FCC holders are the only folks booking right now.
  8. Here's the thing, they are only raising the prices for those with FCC. If you are a new cruiser, why are you booking now with no confirmed sailing date when rates are so high? You are not unless you are a moron. You would wait until the price drops later to get you on the boat.
  9. The person who called you out is an NCL shill that does so when anyone here questions one of NCL's dubious practices.
  10. The terms are ENDED when the cruise ends, if you are being honest.
  11. It's NCL, Jake. They will tell you anything you want to hear.
  12. The swab doesn't get pushed down your nostril, it just gets swirled around a little bit. And you do it yourself. Where do you get your information?
  13. So true! This is my first time logging on in months, just to see seaman11's latest prediction! And it was on top of the board! But there isn't going to be cruising until the mid-west and south get serious about wearing masks. That won't be by Feb.
  14. Yup, everyone's an idiot but you. What you "seasoned" cruisers seem to forget is many of us don't think we should have to work that hard to get decent treatment. I think the casual cruiser is done with this nonsense for awhile. You guys are going to have to take up the slack to keep these cruise lines going.
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