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  1. I doubt I would find a need to pass my phone to another table mate; I'm not expecting any calls, let alone one for someone I just met! . Some of these people seem to be a bit anal retentive.
  2. Better check with some of the threads on "dining hygiene". Many are "appalled" that people will take their phones to the dining table. It's assumed that everyone takes them to the toilet to text! 🤣
  3. An iPhone, to a DSLR, is a quantum leap. There are many options in between. I wouldn't consider a smartphone as a primary camera. For most cruise images, I would consider a good point and shoot sufficient. If uploading is your end game, this should also do fine. But, heading to Alaska, there are good odds of capturing print-worthy images. If you're really good at composition, you might squeeze an 11 x 14 out of a point and shoot. But, an APS-C or full frame will give room for cropping.
  4. Sounds like LeeLee29 i s looking for a change. If I wasn't so invested in lenses, I might be looking for another, more compact system. @LeeLee29 Just for "cruising", a good compact "point and shot" would do fine. However, we're talking Alaska. You will need some reach. If you aren't heavily invested in lenses, sounds like you could be do for a change. If you do have a mess os lenses, I know Canon offers an adaptor to use your EF lenses on their mirrorless.
  5. I'm taking a serious look at this camera: https://www.dpreview.com/articles/7975974609/hands-on-with-the-fujifilm-x-a7 Fujifilm makes some great mirrorless cameras.
  6. There is a lot of common sense here. I'm a complete newbie with cruising. In fact, we are planning our first. But, many people, on holiday, tend to drink a lot. Alcohol relaxes people and lowers their inhibitions. It can also heighten aggression. Behaviors can be unpredictable. Some people may believe they can tell others how to act. Others feel they can deck said people. If one is appalled at someone else's behavior, and feels something needs to be done, it would be wiser to bring it to the attention of someone in authority.
  7. BTW, we're true germaphobes. This is where we had lunch today - the best curry in Chinatown!
  8. Surprisingly, I've read hard surfaces are actually more prone to having pathogens clinging to them. Apparently, porous surfaces seem to "absorb" them a bit. Seat backs, the table itself, salt shakers - germs are everywhere. The best anyone can do is clean up the best that you can. Then, keep your hands away from your eye, ears, nose, and mouth.
  9. Any camera with a retractable lens can suffer the fatal lens error, even the RX100. The A6000 series don't have retractable lenses. I like DPReview. I always check it when looking into new equipment. I'm lucky; I do. My goto store stocks most all brands and models. And, they let me even take cameras out of the store for more purposeful tests.
  10. I find it best to cover a range of inputs. Not only are the technical aspects important, there are also personal preferences and comfort zones. For instance, I have always loved Sony TVs. However, the 2 sony cameras I have had were always screwing up. One also has to decide what, if anything, the reviewer has to gain, or lose. Most "commercial" reviewers will be hard pressed to criticize product too harshly; they don't want to scare off the suppliers. Toward the finalizing of my camera decisions, I will always take a SD or CF card down and run prospective cameras through their paces. After analyzing the results, at home, I will make my decision.
  11. Looks like we're in a new week. I've been following a couple threads about hand washing and disinfecting. Almost makes me want to pack my own meals to take onboard! In the spirit of hygienic food, and since we were in Chinatown again, I thought I'd snap a photo of our favorite curry spot.
  12. Just thought I'd toss one in here ... TukTaew, Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand
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