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  1. If your mind is too open, your brains will fall out.:cool: ...just a word to the wise.... although, the wise don't NEED it, and the unwise won't pay any attention anyway....:o Okay.....uhhhhhhhhhhh, back to the fray....:rolleyes:
  2. I agree with Bruin Steve that Celebrity blows Princess out of the water, for much the same reasons.:) IMO... Celebrity's ships are SO much more spacious than Princess ships. Celebrity's food is better than Princess' food. Celebrity's service isn't even in the same ballpark, it's that much better than Princess' service. Constellation just got all new beds. Princess has the worst beds at sea. Celebrity's smoking policy is awesome! Princess still lets your neighbors stink up your balcony with their smoke. (Actually, I am embarrassed to say that I really enjoyed the cheesy MUTS on Princess:o I also liked the cookies & milk. I wouldn't hesitate booking the transatlantic on Constellation if I were you.
  3. Celebrity's website also states that the age restriction is sometimes relaxed during inclement weather.
  4. The OP asked what HAL's policy was about taking alcohol onboard, not whether she could get away with smuggling booze.
  5. Likewise, on our Constellation cruise last February, the "no one under 16" signs were up around the T-pool. There was a man who brought a toddler into the T-pool, but a security officer soon arrived to enforce the age policy.
  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Black Hawks! :D
  7. That's exactly right. :cool:
  8. slotl, thanks for sharing HAL's explanation of upgrades with us. However, it totally messes up my previously held belief that they always upgrade me because they LIKE me better.;):D
  9. Just beautiful... the photos, the videos, the music, and the fact that you & your sister got to take that lovely cruise together! Thanks for sharing with us!:)
  10. My thoughts, exactly, except for #12. We like the Greek guys a little better.:D (I should also add that we haven't yet sailed on X's Solstice class ships, so can't comment on them.:o)
  11. Awesome story! Renews your faith that there really are good people in the world, although I've never doubted the goodness of sea turtles!:D
  12. DAM! It sounds like you had an awesome cruise, middle-aged mom! I can't wait to hear (as in READ) the whole DAM story!:D Glad you're home safely:), but sorry it's over for ya! :(
  13. Cheryl20772, I just wanna tell you I'm SOOOO enjoying your posts on this thread! Really cute & funny!:)
  14. TomC, while I can't attest to the b2b thingy, I can say with reasonable assurity: the Pope is Catholic. Although, I have reason to believe that the bear has, indeed, DONE the deed in my back yard. Nuff said...:eek:
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