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  1. Not strict at all. On Harmony I arrived 30 mins before my time and we were allowed in with no issues. On Mariner last week I arrived an hour and a half early and again I was let right in with no issues no questions. Have a great time!!
  2. I don't feel its hidden. I have booked several Royal cruises and the confirmations clearly state non refundable everytime. I have known it every time I booked mine and my most recent cruise I just booked said non refundable in the same place it always says it. But that's just me. Whenever i get my confirmations from any cruise lines I always read everything over closely to make sure there is no surprise and if there is I would take care of it right away so there is a better chance to get the issue fixed. Not wait 7 months.
  3. I am a first time Royal Caribbean Cruiser going on Harmony of the Seas for a 3 Night on May 6. I know its short but I am going to do my best to pack it all in in those three days so i am trying to plan ahead for some things and a few of the things I have read in others trip reports I do not see listed as activities in my Royal Caribbean App for my cruise. I am wondering if these events are exclusive to longer cruises or if maybe it just does not show up on the app in advance? So if you have any ideas it will definitely help my planning. Thank you 1) The evening balloon drop? I believe it happens on the first night of the cruise at midnight? 2) I have heard there are parades on the Royal Promenade? 3) I also have seen some videos on youtube of a goodbye song performed on cruises. Would love to see that as well. Like I said I know its a short cruise so they may not do any of this. Was just curious if anyone had any first hand experience with short cruises on Harmony. Not seeing it in the app is making me assume neither of the above is happening. I appreciate any info you can provide. Thank you again
  4. I had not saw that picture but I am really hoping this tweet is right. Excited to get to see it all completed soon. They definitely have some work to get done quickly.
  5. Yesterday, Royal tweeted they are targeting May 2nd as the opening. Royal Caribbean‏Verified account @RoyalCaribbean Apr 23 Hey, Gerrie. We're looking at May 2nd, 2019 as the official release date for Perfect Day at CocoCay. See you there 🙂 -Zack
  6. You have all been wonderful with your replies. I really appreciate it. I know I am going to be happy because cruising is better than no cruising right 🙂 you all gave wonderful advice and i appreciate it. Looking forward to trying Harmony out in just a few weeks now.
  7. Thank you. Will look into this. I appreciate it.
  8. So I am a frequent cruiser with Carnival. Pretty loyal to them actually. I love Carnival for its value as well fun it offers. I always have a good time. I have taken 8 cruises with Carnival so far. Now the reason for this post I have decided to do some price checking with Royal and found amazing prices on some great cruises. I have actually booked and deposits on three different trips. Harmony for one and then Mariner of the Seas in Sept and again in January. The prices were so good I could not pass up on it. I think a lot of that has to do with the studio rooms they offer. So for those of you who have cruises on both cruise lines do you find them to be pretty comparable with experience? to give you an idea with Carnival my favorite ships have been the Magic, Breeze, Sunshine. Any advice you can give a new person to Royal I am all ears. Thank you so much
  9. When i have cruised on the Breeze last year I had wifi from Carnival for the day of debarkation all the way through when I left at 930am but when I sailed Liberty this year when I woke up at 630am I had no wifi at all. Not sure what their official policy is.
  10. So here is my experience. On my last cruise we had a 1230 - 1:00 check in time. Thats really late from what I normally do. I like you enjoy being on the ship as early as possible. So we still arrived at the port at our normal which is about 11. You will see two lines. One line says on time which is the check in time you selected. There was another line then for early or late arrivals. So I went in the early arrivals line. It was much longer than the on time line but I still got through that longer line and on the ship by noon and I was happy. Good luck and i hope you can get an early check in time. Like another person said it opens up 90 days in advance in your cruise manager.
  11. I am curious to read your review as well. The Elation is the only option for me for next year that works with my dates and its definitely not the ship i would normally chose but its either Elation or no cruise at all. I am looking forward to reading what you have to say
  12. I am new to Princess. Does anyone have any idea when to start to expect Fall 2020 cruises to come out for the West coast? I was checking the Princess site and it shows out through Sept 2020 only. I know you wont know for sure but was curious of what past practice has been like. Thank you
  13. Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time to reply. You are making me feel better with this. I think I am going to go ahead and get this confirmed tonight then. Will be nice to try it out. THanks again
  14. So I am looking into planning my 2020 cruise now. For the dates I need to go the only itienrary that is working for me is the Carnival Elation 5 Night out of Port Canaveral. I know this is one of the oldest ships and I am just curious what you think I would feel like after having experience and loved the Breeze, Glory, Liberty, Sunshine and Victory. I feel a cruise is better than no cruise at all but I am just looking for advice on this one. Its a nice 5 night itinerary I like I just wish it was a different ship. If it was up to you to do Elation or no cruise would you take the Elation? Thanks for taking the time to read this
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