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  1. What time did you get back from the Endicott excursion? we are doung the same and renting a car. Just wondering on timing of it all. thanks.
  2. Did you rent from Juneau car rental in advance?
  3. Thanks for sharing! I rented through Avis as well.
  4. If so what did you do? we are thinking about it.
  5. mbw1024

    Ideas for Juneau

    How do you get to the tram from where the ships dock?
  6. Thanks. We are plenty fit for walking several miles. thanks! Will engage maps when we get there.
  7. We will be on Solistice, coming in around 5:30pm. It’s our last night and don’t plan to do any touring but husband would enjoy a walk about and some local brews. Can we walk from port?
  8. Hi. Question about this tour. What did you wear on your feet? 🤣 I am just beginning to think about packing for this trip and I have no idea where to start! Do I need boots?
  9. Thanks all. Yes, I drink wine but not usually during the day. Honestly, I drink very little anymore but want to go in with a few ideas so I don’t go too far off track while sailing. thanks !
  10. So I can bring a pack of something on? That would be ideal.
  11. Bloody mary, of course! I always forget that one! Just like drinking veggies 😂
  12. Hi, we haven’t cruised in a while so I am off my game! Have a few questions. i am a bariatric patient and can’t have a lot of high sugar drinks so trying to be creative. We have premium beverage package but I cannot have carbonated beverages so trying to think of options I can mix with vodka. Can you still send a pack of beverages to your stateroom when you check in? I was thinking of getting Bai waters to send to stateroom. what are my ice options? Can i fill my tervis cup in the buffet area? Premium package includes bottled water, right? Are the bottles 16oz? I can also carry powered drink mixes to add to water. Thanks.
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