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  1. Anyone have any suggestions for private car/limo from airport to hotel and then cruise port to airport?
  2. I received an email from RC offering the Royal up offer to bid on an upgrade from a 2 bedroom grand suite on the Explorer to either an owners suite or the Royal suite. I was going to bid, but decided against the Royal Suite since there was 3 of us and only 1 bed. The space and private balcony would have been nice. The owners suite did not seem to be much of an upgrade. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.
  3. My wife upgraded our room from a 1 bedroom grand suite to a 2 bedroom grand suite today(with the sale ending today only $500 total extra). I had already purchased the RCI travel insurance when I booked initially. The representative told her it would be an additional $500 for travel insurance. My wife did not ask her what happens to the insurance I already bought. Do you have to redo your insurance when you upgrade your room?
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