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  1. I received an email from RC offering the Royal up offer to bid on an upgrade from a 2 bedroom grand suite on the Explorer to either an owners suite or the Royal suite. I was going to bid, but decided against the Royal Suite since there was 3 of us and only 1 bed. The space and private balcony would have been nice. The owners suite did not seem to be much of an upgrade. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.   

  2. My wife upgraded our room from a 1 bedroom grand suite to a 2 bedroom grand suite today(with the sale ending today only $500 total extra). I had already purchased the RCI travel insurance when I booked initially. The representative told her it would be an additional $500 for travel insurance. My wife did not ask her what happens to the insurance I already bought. Do you have to redo your insurance when you upgrade your room?  

  3. On 6/23/2019 at 11:57 AM, tattoos said:

    We cruised on the May 25th sailing of the Magic and booked dinner reservations at the Steakhouse because our dinner at the Conquest steakhouse last year was so good.


    We did not like the room configuration on the Magic and much preferred the seating arrangements on the Conquest.  When sitting at our window table, people were walking past the window in wet bathing suits and trying to peek into the window and I could have reached out and touched the people sitting at the table next to ours.  They could hear every word we said and vice versa.  There was a group of 25 people sitting at the tables against the wall and they were loud and boisterous which affected everyone's dining experience..  


    We placed our orders and the waitress came back with the amuse bouche which was one tiny bite of a cheese foam with a tiny piece of cheese crisp.  She also brought one roll per person which was the highlight of the meal and never came back with more.  When our entree was delivered, we asked for more rolls and she looked surprised.  Of course, we only had that disgusting whipped Crisco (as mentioned in my review) to spread on the rolls.  No one at our table would eat it.  JJ


    Finally, someone who had the same terrible meal that I did.  That is exactly how my surf and turf looked in the Magic Steakhouse.  The lobster was tiny and the filet also tiny.  This looks nothing like the same entree that I ordered on the Conquest last year.  This is not an extraordinary entree, in my opinion, that has been compared to steaks ordered from premium steakhouses in the U.S. such as Ruths Chris, Mortons, etc.  Thank you, JQTravels, for posting this photo.  

    I hate it when the room has only a few guest and they cram you right next to each other. I usually get stuck next to the guy who drank all day and talks so the entire room can here him. I go to the steakhouse to talk with family in a quiet,  relaxing atmosphere. Last year we were by the window where people went by looking at themselves in the glass but did not realize we could see them. It was actually entertaining.    

  4. Hi JFontaine, I had looked at that website and was wondering if they were legitimate. It appears from your post that they are. Thank you for posting that information. I plan on booking a day pass


    Just back from the Marriott using resort for the day. Went right to the desk and they acted like they were expecting me. They give you wristbands and off you go. Unlike St Maarten Westin where they did not give you wristbands and was constantly hassled by security to prove you were a day guest. One hint about the beach: go out close to the breaker rocks and you will have little or no seaweed. We were here during off season so I probably did not need to pay extra using Resort for the day, but it was comforting to know everything was paid for and a guaranteed spot.

  5. My sister and I were on this same cruise, and we also find May to be a great time for a cruise. :D


    To PamalaX, what was your embarkation experience? We arrived at the terminal about 12:20, and then we stood in a slow moving line for about two hours before reached the check-in desk. All of that time was standing, mostly outside, though thankfully in the shade. We have embarked in Port Everglades several times recently, as well as Miami, Port Canaveral and New York, and we have never had such a long wait - while standing. (Carnival did pass out free bottles of water to those waiting outside.) We are sailing from Port Everglades again next May, and we are wondering what time to arrive in order to avoid that experience.


    After checking in, we were able to board immediately. Finally! From then on, we enjoyed this ship and the 8-day itinerary.


    We were on this cruise also. We had a grand suite and were the last one in the vip room before they announced the delay for embarkation. They were telling people in the room it was a wedding causing the delay. I was telling people they always say that based on reviews here on cruise critic. Once we were allowed to get on, my daughter wanted the internet package so we went down where the cafe use to be. Low and behold there was a huge wedding taking place in one of the bar areas. So I guess they could have been telling the truth.

  6. To Catrin: This is what we plan to do in 2 weeks!!!! Thanks for pictures and info. Did you just show up and ask for a day room or book ahead? What time did you arrive and leave? Were you allowed one of the cabanas? Any other info on the beach or other details would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  7. Will be on this cruise with you! Having been to all of these ports, I would make them all beach days except San Juan. Since you have a 3 year old, I think that would be more enjoyable than tours of the island. Grand Turk you just walk off the ship and there is the beach. St Maarten and St Kitts we are taking cabs to the beach on our own. Since you have never been to San Juan, I agree with others to walk/trolley around and see the forts(especially since only there from 7a to 2p). We have seen Old San Juan several times and will be taking the beach break tour from Carnival for 4 hours(have done this also). There is a train ride at St Kitts around the island, but I think your child would be bored. You will have fun no matter what you do!

  8. ...and we visited Little Divi bay resort a couple of weeks ago - lovely and very enjoyable.


    Short cab ride from port (I think it was $4 pp?)- out to the beach where we were greeted and assigned 4 loungers and 2 umbrellas for $30.


    Clean and lovely washrooms (part of the resort) and a beachside patio/restaurant - where we had lunch and drinks - also a fresh water shower nearby to rinse off as required.


    Would highly recommend this and would definitely return....


    Did you check in at the front desk first? They allow you to use the washrooms at no cost? This sounds wonderful!

  9. Can't believe I read this forum back in March just researching Old San Juan. Finally cruise time, came down a couple days early and guess who I just happened into wondering if we spoke English? Haha, thanks CC! I didn't make a scene at all we are in town with our elderly parents and family. My DW however was incensed when I told her who he was and why I blew him off, she watched him go about a block down and approach two ladies, she took off after them, walked up listened for a second and exposed him right in front of them. He was livid, told her to "mind her own business" and took off down the street looking back the whole way. DW was pumped that she had the chance to out him, she will be on a high for a while!


    Exactly what my wife did to me. He spotted us from the bus he was riding, we were waiting for a cab at the Sizzler. He got off the bus and started telling us his story, and I immediately said we didn't have any money. My wife and daughter were furious that I blew him off. However, they were more furious with me when I showed them the thread here on Cruise Critic. From then on I have to tell them everything I know about the places we travel to :)

  10. Just off the Dawn and we had the 2 bedroom 2 bath suite. The main bedroom is awesome but bed cannot be separated. The second bedroom is very small and no windows. There is a pullman bed and a small(rock hard) bed on floor. This would be ok for kids, but adults would be tight. The bed takes up entire room. The suite however is the nicest we have ever had(we do suites).

  11. Nice picture review! Since you were in a suite, did you notice Cagneys or other speciality dining venues to be crowded. During breakfast did Cagneys have a menu only or did they have a buffet table also? What did you have the butler do for you? Sorry for so many ???? but just wanting to see if you thought the suite perks were nice. Thanks again!

  12. The OP paid $7,500 for a Captain's Suite w/o enough research and was surprised that Carnival offers basically zero perks.

    That is not the industry wide practice when booking suites.

    If I were them I would have been way surprised too!

    Their Bad for not researching ahead of time.

    They know better now.

    To suggest that someone paying thousands of dollars for a suite is looking for "free" stuff is quite laughable.

    The OP (me) knew what the perks were and always has suites. The question was whether there should be perks similar to other lines. Trust me I go first class on any trip because I can afford it. I would be happy with a slap on the a** if that was the way Carnival perked. Obviously I don't give a s*** about "freebies" or I wouldn't spend money on suites. When you go to a casino, does the nickel/dime player get the same comps as the high rollers? I'll bet some of you try to get a free buffet or room by spending more $$$$. Do you get free drinks in the Carnival casino with 100 points or 1000 points? No one on this board can say they don't try to get the most bang for their buck.

  13. Carnival Suite perks are worst in the industry. If they were always the cheapest that would be one thing; but they are not. Competition from MSC and NCL provides an enclave "ship within a ship" area along with special receptions, bespoke restaurant options, less crowded areas. RCI hosts nice evening cocktail receptions, access to a concierge, priority seating at events. Some of these things cost the cruise lines money, some don't.


    Someone paying nearly 7X the base rate of others should be receiving more perks than priority boarding; they're paying a lot more freight than the inside cabin cruisers. Carnival doesn't have to give the sun and the moon, but they do need to be competitive and their suite class is a joke at the moment. A concierge to look after suite guests and some evening cocktails or a specialty dining reservation thrown in would go a long way towards creating an atmosphere worth the additional money beyond just cabin space, IMO.

    Thank you! The kind of perks I am talking about would cost nothing to Carnival.

  14. If you know what you are getting from the beginning and Don't like it why pay it? Doesn't make sense to me to pay something knowing what you are getting then complain about it after.



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    Not complaining, always buy suites, half cruises on Carnival. Do you ever buy a car and ask for something thrown in? Sometimes you get something, sometimes not. You will remember when you got that extra something and probably go back.

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