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  1. The advantage to a huge ship is the variety of bars for all tastes. They do a good job of switching music tastes every hour in some bars i.e. 70s dance from 11-midnight, 80s from midnight-1, etc. The key is to thoroughly examine the schedule of offerings and take note of when and where to get what you want.
  2. Yes, I was disappointed in NYE and was hoping my experience was an outlier, but I guess not according to one other poster above. Maybe a few others can contribute. The one other negative with Oasis class is that we only get one comedy night and one show night the whole week, and you reserve your night and time a month in advance, because the sizes of the venues are not proportionate to the 5500 passengers on board. Carnival has 2 comedian acts for the first half of the cruise, then rotates 2 new comedians in for the second half, so we get up to 4 shows. Quality varies, but we look forward to the variety. Kids off school is the ONLY reason. Save your money and go some other time if you can. There was nothing special about New Year's eve on Oasis. Although there is a higher percentage of kids on holiday cruises, the ship is still mostly adults by a wide margin. Too expensive for most families. Carnival's crowd is definitely younger and the crew more apt to throw a good party for the week, especially NYE, but it's still mostly adults. The food isn't quite as good on Carnival, but I don't want to gain weight anyway. There's enough good food. I was surprised to see that the demographics of the 3 or 4 day cruise is noticeably different than the 7 day holiday.
  3. We normally cruise the medium to large Carnivals. Some bands are better than others, but they do the usual line dances in the outdoor central pool are like macarena et al which even gets some kids dancing. Most people stand on the stepped terraces to watch. It goes on until after 1:00 or so, but at least it felt like a party. THe Oasis class pool deck layout must be the problem. But who care it they only celebrate on one side, or the back.
  4. 1. Might be worth it if they had a live band, but not for the cruise director singing karaoke. 2. That would scratch my itch but that should be mandatory considering New Year's eve pricing. 3. Why not? Do they not realize we're facing the long cold winter for the next 3 months?
  5. Notice my post said I was disappointed in the quality of the New Year's eve schedule. There's much more to a week long cruise than just a few hours. As grand as the ship is for all the other activities, I expected more for a holiday like New Year's eve. I was wondering if my prior experience was an outlier so I thought I would try again. It's important to manage expectations. Imagine the revenues that are generated by this week alone. We can't get a DJ for a deck party? No more unrealistic expectations. That's all.
  6. Awesome. That's 3 families already! Anyone else? Elbow-to-elbow karaoke music in the mall was a fail. Not worth my time this cruise. Do you play a musical instrument? Maybe we can start our own live band and play up on deck? Who needs Royal Caribbean? Maybe we could name it the Underappreciated Passengers? Expensive Fail?
  7. Ugh. That's what I thought. Maybe it's the layout of this ship's class. Boring for New Year's. The Promenade on Oasis was touching-elbows crowded and we didn't have live music. Just cruise director karaoke. It felt like I chose to celebrate New Year's inside the mall - weird considering how beautiful the weather was up on deck. There was no family party up on deck. The worst part was that everyone disbursed at 12:05, because all the festivities were officially over, except for the crew-only party at 12:30 up on deck. I can't imagine being a west coaster. Sure we could go to the nightclubs but that's no different than every night. The old cruises would have a midnight buffet, but none on Oasis. I don't even care to eat, it's just that people would have an excuse to keep the party going if there was something on the schedule. How much would it cost to have a dance party until 1:30 with a DJ up on deck? You'd think the crew could have their party the following night considering we pay these holiday rates. We all work hard all year, but we pay, and they get the real party. We usually do New Year's week on Carnival where the central pool area is rocking and it's a fun crowd for the week. Oh well. At least I can set the bar low now and not be disappointed. Thanks for letting me know my experience wasn't unique!
  8. Not sure I understand what this means. So why didn't they plan something better? The crew had the best party going. Seems backwards.
  9. Hello. We are sailing Harmony this coming New Years week. We were on Oasis 4 years ago for New Year's week and were disappointed in the New Year's eve (lack of) celebration. The cruise director used his wonderful voice to sing karaoke from the balcony in the promenade (no live music), but there were no outdoor top deck festivities even though it was warm outside. Maybe this ship class is too large to do a deck party (something I really miss from the smaller ships)? But even an overcrowded DJ at 12:05 up on deck for 2 hours would have at least been something. We were so underwhelmed that we were convinced there was more, surely, somewhere, so we went up on deck to the rear where we heard a band warming up. Finally! The party we were waiting for! Until we were informed it was a closed CREW ONLY party starting at 12:30. Wow. The crew got their New Year's outdoor deck party blowout complete with live music, but those of us paying a 5 figure bill didn't deserve one? How about letting the crew start their party at 2:00am? Or giving them the following night off for their party? I felt forgotten and unappreciated as a customer buying several cabins and paying high holiday rates. The New Year's outdoor parties on the smaller ships were much better. Anyone else with a similar New Year's experience aboard Oasis class?
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