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  1. Thanks very much everyone for such valuable info. Feel much more comfortable. Just wondering for lunch and dinner, those non alcoholic mock tail like pinna colada, are they complementary as well? Also want to ask what are the included excursions like? I read some postings and reviews sounds like most of them are just a bus ride to town center or a walking tour. Can anyone give more insights? Thanks!
  2. Thanks very much Dauntless! Did you have smoothies at World Cafe or the Resturant? Is smoothies free at breakfast?
  3. We booked our Viking ocean cruise for next summer (Venice, Adriatic and Greece) after our wedding as a honeymoon. We used to cruise with Oceania and this is our first time with Viking and have some questions. 1. Drink policy confuses and disappoints us. Soft drink is complementary with Oceania all the time. But just noice with Viking only complementary with lunch and dinner. My question is how about breakfast? Do we just get coffee and tea at breakfast? Are juices offered as well? Do we have to pay for juice or soft drink at breakfast? 2. What is the excursion hours? I’
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