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  1. I will be going through NCL. When I arrive on the ship I will notify NCL guest services that my son will be disembarking on the specific day. They will notify their Port Agent (the person I contacted) also a NCL contact. I will also contact the NCL Port Agent with my son's passport and itinerary before I depart. They will meet me at the Port on the day my son will disembark. He will pay for the FMM (visitor's permit) which is $38 US dollars. He will use that permit and his passport at the airport to return to the US.
  2. I spoke with the Mazatlan Port Agent and they will help me with the proper paperwork needed for my son to return to the US. I can organize getting the Mazatlan port agent his passport and flight itinerary beforehand. Then when I board the ship I am suppose to let guest services know he will disembark. The Port Agent will need to know 48 hours before he disembarks. The port agent will meet us on the day we port and facilitate the process. I feel confident that this will work!! Thank you ALL for your help!!! Thanks Hallux for keeping your NCL newsletters!!
  3. He would miss 2 days of the cruise and needs to leave by the 2nd Mexico port plus I don't think NCL would let him board the cruise late. I do feel very hopeful that the above contact will assist us in making this happen. When I spoke to Cabo they said they could help but only if he was departing from Cabo. I feel that Mazatlan will assist in the same way. Thank you all for your help with this!!! It's amazing how nice you all are to take the time to help me!! Thank you so very much!!
  4. Yes, please post it and I will compare the contact information and make sure it is the same. Thanks so much!
  5. Thank you so much Hallux!!! The information above is so helpful! I got in touch with Cabo and they got me in touch with the Mazatlan Port contact. I have yet to talk to Mazatlan, but I think this is the most hopeful I have felt in this process. Thanks again!!
  6. Thank you all and also I appreciate your post of recent experience Kiwi57. I have talked to my NCL contact, guest services and another supervisor at NCL. They all have told me it is not a prison ship and a passenger is able to leave whenever they wish, but they will not give me written authorization as they have stopped doing this a few years ago. I asked how they clear customs when they get into Mexico and was told by someone that NCL gives port authorities a manifest of all passenger upon arrival. I have asked numerous times what happens when we get to our first port in Mexico...how does the Mexican government know we are there? The NCL contacts are saying they don't know because they only handle the front end booking of the trip that those answers we will have to find out when we arrive on the ship and ask when we get there. I have told them I can't wait to ask the ship and would like to be reassured the procedure long before I arrive, so my son is not detained at customs. They again assured me this happens all the time and he can check out of the ship and go on his way. I did go to the Mexican Consulate in my home town and they do not have any answers either, other than he does not need a tourist visa and they gave me the Mexican customs number in Mexico City to ask them. They said we should ask our cruiseline, they should have the answers. Of course I know NCL has the answers but does not want to do the paperwork or spend the time to help with something they say they no longer do. I do know there is an FMM (visitor card) that is given when you fly into Mexico or drive into Mexico and you fill it out stating your reason for being in Mexico and immigration stamps it when you arrive and gives you the other half to keep until you depart. No one seems to know if you can get an FMM for a ship. I read above that the NCL daily newsletter which gives you all the activities for the day provides you the port authority information to contact when you are in port. I'm thinking that is how we get the FMM or maybe even the cruise ship has the FMM if I could get an email to ask guest services on the ship. In the meantime does anyone that has been to Cabo remember seeing an immigration office as you disembark for your daily activities? Has anyone recently traveled on this cruise and still have their daily newsletters with this information? Thank you again for all your remarks above!!
  7. Thank you all for this great information! I am still trying to work on getting signed approval from my contact at NCL. Everywhere I've called at NCL (Executive Offices, Corporate, Guest Services) there has been a "no" they will not give me written authorization. I will try the Pre Downline request route as stated above (than you!!). I am also going to the Mexican Consulate and trying that avenue. I've talked to the US Embassy and Consulate's office in Mexico and they told me all he needs is a US Passport to get on the flight. They also directed me to the Mexican Consulate if I still felt unsure and wanted to know the exact law. The Mexican Consulate in my home town isn't answering their phone, so I will try in person. Thank you for your continued feedback. I am listening to it all!!
  8. Thank you so much for all the feedback! It is definitely helping me process this very difficult decision. I haven't gotten very far today with getting answers. I did get in touch with customs here in my home state at our international airport and he said I am making this harder than it needs to be..."if my son has an American Passport when he arrives in the states he will be let in no problem and it shouldn't be a problem when I'm in Mexico." I don't like the wording "shouldn't be a problem". I don't want any problems while in Mexico. I am very much a rule follower and getting my son detained by immigration isn't desirable to say the least. I didn't hear from the supervisor I originally spoke to today and still would like to followup with him. I spoke to my current contact at NCL that booked the cruise and he is trying to get me someone at Corporate to help. I do appreciate the Executive Office number and will follow-up with them tomorrow. I'm still interested in anything else anyone has to offer. Again, thank you for your comments!!
  9. Hi, unfortunately, this is a family reunion cruise and we would really like for him to be on the cruise. However, if I can't get approval I will have to make that consideration. Thanks!!
  10. Thank you all for your responses! I definitely don't feel comfortable hoping that it will all work out and he can fly out from Mazatlan without getting NCL approval. I do agree that every time I've gone to Mexico via air they have scanned my passport and given me some kind of entry form that I've kept and given when I leave the country by flight. I am concerned that there will be no entry paperwork to be given at exit. Now, I guess, I need to find a way to get that written approval from NCL. I will go back to that supervisor and see if he will help. If anyone knows another way to get that written approval, I am all ears. Thanks again for your responses!!
  11. Hi, we are going on a cruise through the Mexican Riviera on Norwegian starting in LA. My son has to get off the ship early due to another commitment that has come up. I called Norwegian today and they said it wasn't possible, but then I called back and got a supervisor and he said they can't hold you hostage and people get off and don't get back on for numerous reasons (eg. excursions goes late, fall asleep at the beach, over drinking, etc.). I am worried that if we make plans for him to fly out of Mazatlan that customs at the airport will not let him out, due to coming in via ship. The supervisor advised me to ask cruise critic to see if anyone has done this before, as they can't give me written approval. Please advise if you have any experience with this or if you know who I need to call to get approval. Thanks!
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