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  1. As a potential passenger the key question to me would be if a separation would make for a better cruise experience. Sometimes spin offs work, sometimes they don't.
  2. Simple answer: If your TA can book it, you can book it! If your TA can't book it, you can't book it! Good luck!
  3. Which cabin would you select on Bach: 300, 303, or 312?
  4. Yes! On Crystal Bach. Cabin is on Deck 3.
  5. Should I take a cabin Port or Starboard going from Basel to Amsterdam. Or, does it make any matter?
  6. I see the point of the post differently. I think that the poster simply was giving examples of some changes at the highest loyalty level and that should serve as an indication that changes may come to other levels as well. They were also correcting erroneous information from another poster. They were directly answering the OP's question about benefits in the future.
  7. I will be in Basel for 2 nights prior to my Crystal River cruise. Any hotel recommendations would be appreciated. Location and service is important.
  8. That's precisely what I did to make my dinner reservations. I will change the information once I receive my new passport . I'll be applying for it in September.
  9. On my first cruise in the 70's I remember receiving a booklet containing the names of my fellow passengers. I don't remember if we received the menus for free or we purchased them, but I do remember the menus. They are currently available on eBay. The golf balls changed to biodegradable.
  10. Just don't read it or post on it if you find it unnecessary or inappropriate. That's your call. But the number of pages of response seems to me to indicate that lots of individuals find it appropriate.
  11. It is and Covid-19 affects cruising in a very significant way. Although I do find some of the comments crossing the political lines. You can almost tell from some of the comments who supports and opposes Trump.
  12. Sorry that you need to cancel, but you are correct in placing the welfare of family first. Be safe and well. Hope to meet you on another cruise.
  13. On the same cruise and hope it goes. Booked a first class ticket at a great price and also purchased the insurance to cover the flight. Always enjoy the PC passage.Hope to see you there.
  14. CLIA has put a hold on cruising until September 15, 2020. If there is another extension the Crystal October schedule may be kaput! The first cruise I have on my schedule is Serenity, January 5, 2021 and I think that even that cruise has a real chance to be cancelled. I truly hope not, but am emotionally prepared.
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