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  1. Fine, that's your choice. That's what works for you.
  2. It is about ME! My Money, my preferences, my choices. I feel entitled to the benefits I was promised when the promise was made. I realize that a merchant may change the rules of the game anytime they want, but I have the option to either shop that merchant or take my business elsewhere. I'm relatively new to Celebrity and really have no skin in the benefits game.. But, I really do understand why those who have been loyal for many years feel the way they do. If people make their concerns loud enough and clear enough and vote with their hard earned dollars those in charge might change their appr
  3. We are forced to pay for lots of things we will never use. For example, people without kids still pay school tax
  4. The true luxury lines feature smaller ships with under 1000 passengers. Don't think that a larger ship can deliver what the luxury passengers desire.
  5. Interesting that Celebrity is offing Power Points at a time when they are revising their loyalty program. I would think that any revisions would result in Celebrity saving money by reducing benefits. These points may be useless expect for Celebrity since they are collecting lots of information and some additional bookings.
  6. Crystal offers dance partners for single women which is appreciated by many.
  7. I've been on several Crystal cruises and have booked two more for 2021. They only require men to wear a jacket on formal nights and many go without a tie. The atmosphere is, as you say, quite different and I favor it. The price difference narrows as Celebrity raises prices. The reverse might be true If Crystal raises prices as well. Each will need to look at the pros and cons in terms of their own preferences, but I expect all the luxury lines to gain for Celebrity's decision to go AI.
  8. Do you think they'll start cruising before the double points promotion expires?
  9. We've been waiting a long time to resume cruising, so we can wait a little while for the details of the all-inclusive program.
  10. I enjoyed visiting Key West prior to the Diamonds International era. Don't know if they'll ever return to the "living free" times, but long for them.
  11. At some point they need to expand the test group to those passengers at some risk so they can see if their procedures really work.
  12. Richard Fain said in the Conference Call and on CNBC that they would start with some free test cruises. Would you take a 2-3 cruise if was free?
  13. It would be difficult if not impossible for them to reinstate a cruise once they cancel it. Keeping their options open is prudent. They should only cancel when they need to cancel regardless of the pressure from those booked on a particular cruise. I just had a cruise cancelled on another line a week before final payment was due.
  14. Several have provided "live" reports on recent cruises and I thank them for their efforts. How many cases of Covid-19 have they reported on these cruises? The problem might be with ports of call. France and Spain may announce closings soon according to CNBC.
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