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  1. You don't actually believe that, do you? With all the cutbacks I've seen in the crew personal they have only the people who they need & if a job function isn't required they simply cut it.
  2. From my experience you'd have to be dressed pretty badly to be denied entrance to a dining room on any night. Sure, if you show up with raggedy jeans & T shirt on a formal night they might reject it but a pair of dress pants & a dress shirt will always work even without the jacket & tie.
  3. Most people miss that part of the dress code & continue to complain that people are just ignoring it when going to the DR. Too bad that Princess doesn't make it more obvious to put an end to these discussions.
  4. So if they got rid of them they might not have a job at all?
  5. Ours were delicious last cruise. Maybe you're ordering the wrong type.
  6. Don't forget about the loyalty credit of up to $100 per cruise if it's a 14 day or $200 for two 7 day trips.
  7. Perhaps installing a folding movable partition separating the DR so neither side would take offence.
  8. While all of the ships offer soft serve, which is a poor substitute for regular ice cream, on the Regal it was recently very good the time we tried it. They seem to have the mix down correctly. It's still not comparable to the DR real ice cream.
  9. It sounds nice but we've never tried it. I don't know the cost. The regular buffet is more than adequate for a quick lunch.
  10. We always moved our own clothes when changing cabins but they'll do it for you if you prefer. We don't really like the crew to have to move our personal things. btw- the draws in most cabin are interchangeable & it's easy to switch them if closeby.
  11. In the past 15 years that's about all we've done & it might be easier to shift them around in that region.
  12. We were on the CB cruise with you that Nov & it was one of the most casual trips we've ever experienced (along with our recent Crown trip). Princess is trying very hard to please all of their passengers without offending anyone. (except that the women have always had a pass on dressing which seems totally unfair)
  13. We do many B2B trips (almost exclusively) and they always seem to rotate the guest entertainers on our trips (comedians, singers, etc.) each trip so they would have fresh faces for people doing repetitive cruises. Thankfully they tend to move them to other ships for a week or two & them back again so not to be boring for the same passengers.
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