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  1. Gerlemx, thank you that's great news that's all I need is photos posting . Cheers Laker
  2. Did you manage photos on Facebook? Or don't use.... haven't used WhatsApp... Thanks Laker
  3. Well that is not a good sign.... I really don't want to pay 300+ for 10 days of internet .... 😢
  4. Thank you that is good to know. I was hoping to be able to post pictures and messenger my daughter (as she will be filling in looking after my Mom) and my son (as he is looking after the cat and dog) ... LOL I am hoping to not to have to upgrade as it doubles and already ridiculously expensive internet. Are you saying even when you paid the extra the streaming still was hit or miss? wow definetly don't want to upgrade then! Thanks again! Laker
  5. Hi, If anyone has sailed and taken the simple surfing package ..... We will be sailing in january2020 on the celebrity summit and I was wondering about the internet packages Will the simple surfing let you post comments and pictures on Facebook? Also, will it let you play the facebook games like supercity or farmville? Not interested in streaming services. Thank you for any assistance! Cheers, Laker01
  6. Hi To those that have taken the surf package could you post pictures and comments on Facebook? And/or could you play any of the Facebook games like super city or farmville? Thanks for any assistance Cheers laker
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