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  1. We stopped and checked it out during our visit to Falmouth last week. It was a lot smaller then we had anticipated. Probably about 70 pool side lounge chairs, which fill up very quick especially if there are 2 ships in port like during our visit. Nothing remarkable to report, drinks were reasonably priced, we just enjoyed a few Red Stripes, we did not get any food while there. We really only hung out for a little bit and then just returned to the ship as it was extremely busy in a small area. If we return, we will most likely either stay on the ship if we don't find an excursion that peaks our interest.
  2. Are you able to purchase a bucket of beer with the drink package?
  3. We plan to stop there on our upcoming cruise in 2 weeks. From my understanding the pool area and seating areas are free and all Food / Drink is pay as you go. I've heard it can get busy as the day goes by and that it is a bit pricey as far as the food and drinks are concerned. I will let you know in 2 weeks though.
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