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  1. We stopped and checked it out during our visit to Falmouth last week. It was a lot smaller then we had anticipated. Probably about 70 pool side lounge chairs, which fill up very quick especially if there are 2 ships in port like during our visit. Nothing remarkable to report, drinks were reasonably priced, we just enjoyed a few Red Stripes, we did not get any food while there. We really only hung out for a little bit and then just returned to the ship as it was extremely busy in a small area. If we return, we will most likely either stay on the ship if we don't find an excursion that peaks our interest.

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  2. We plan to stop there on our upcoming cruise in 2 weeks. From my understanding the pool area and seating areas are free and all Food / Drink is pay as you go. I've heard it can get busy as the day goes by and that it is a bit pricey as far as the food and drinks are concerned. I will let you know in 2 weeks though.

  3. Anyone have a preference over one or the other between Kuralu or Aristocrat charters? Or just general experiences between the two?  They both seem about the same, offerings and price wise. Just looking to see if any folks have preference or experiences. Our on board excursion got cancelled so we are looking into alternate means to make it to JVD for our stop in Tototola on our upcoming cruise.

  4. The ability to get to White Bay is one of the highlights we anticipate for this trip. Our RC excursion leaves at noon. It was the only time they had available that day. We wouldn't have minded an earlier trip but we were in no matter what.

  5. White Bay is one of the top spots we want to visit, so we are thrilled to be able to make a stop even if its a short one on this excursion. Hopefully you have a great visit! Our excursion is a noon time slot.


    If you think of it, once you're done, drop a line how it was! Again, have a great time!

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