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  1. I’m not so concerned abt the size. I will have 1 carry on and two standard checked bags. More so would be me navigating multiple public forms of transportation with my hands completely full.
  2. Does anyone have any support for how one should travel from the Shanghai Cruise Terminal to PVG airport? I will not have multiple bags at this point. Would one advise the train?
  3. Or I'm thinking airport express to the Kowloon station and then Uber like you had mentioned as long as it's not too big of a hassle with the amount of luggage I have and it just being me.
  4. It will just be me, and I will have 3 suitcases to lug around as I am bringing things from the states for Crew friends onboard. As convenient as the airport express sounds... is this easier than getting an Uber to go directly from airport to my hotel in Kowloon? I'm not as concerned about price as I am ease/convenience.
  5. Thank you, I just updated my reservation from Hong Kong island to the Kowloon side! Appreciate the heads up.
  6. Thank you for that breakdown!!! It is greatly appreciated. I’ve checked and my hotel is actually on the island next to the peak. I will do some research and look to move to Kowloon. is transportation easiest via Uber? It appears as if they utilize this service. I’m not looking to use much public transportation as it will just be me with multiple suitcases.
  7. I will double check to see if I can find closer accommodations as I believe my hotel is abt 20 minutes from the cruise terminal. are you by chance indicating I will have to leave Hong Kong to get to the terminal which could put my not having a Visa in jeopardy?
  8. My plan is to go straight from HKG airport to airport downtown for sleep - and then to the cruise port the next morning. I’m really hoping to avoid any unrest.
  9. I am coming from the US in January inbound to Hong Kong (which is not considered mainland China for visa purposes)... overnight, cruising Spectrum to Okinawa, Japan and then to disembark in Shanghai. I am quite concerned about: 1) royal Caribbean denying me boarding without a Visa for Shanghai, China when I board in Hong Kong. Technically the only place I would possibly “need” a Visa is Shanghai since Hong Kong has an exemption with the United States. 2) Arrival to Shanghai for disembarkation and not being allowed entry to get to the airport for my return flight home from Shanghai direct back to the United States. my understanding (via fellow cruisers, and without help from the Chinese Consulate & Royal Caribbean) Is that my journey qualifies me for the 144 Visa waiver.
  10. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m anticipating that. I am going to visit friends of mine that are crew members on board one of the ships. Unfortunately this was the only time I could make the journey. It’s quick turn around, and lots of airtime, but I feel it’ll be worth it as long as immigrations allows me to catch my flight back to the states!
  11. ill have USA to Hong Kong (which is not considered mainland China) to Okinawa, Japan via cruise ship, to shanghai, China via Cruise ship and then straight to Canada via direct flight.
  12. Thank you!! I was very uneasy abt this as the Consulate wouldn’t respond, and the Online Visa places wish for me to pay their service fees... I believe I’m going to take my chances with the lines as I’ll be off in the early morning (I have priority departure with the Liner), and flight isn’t until 6:00. I’m assuming being only a 4 night cruise, there won’t be many of us on board needing the 144 hour waiver as many will most likely be from China.
  13. I will go take some additional photos! Sure does beat having to go through the horrid application Visa process. I have read abt the photocopy issue in the terminal! I will bring MULTIPLE! Did the reservation print out work for you for your flight home proof? Or did you need something that was the actual boarding pass/check-in? Much more difficult to provide as only available 24hours before flight.
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