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  1. You have to earn 2500 points in the casino from April 1 through March 31 to reach Prime. I think you get one point for every $10 wagered on video poker, and one point for every $5 on slots. For table games, you have to be "rated" at the table by asking the pit boss. Points are based on wagers, not on how much you win or lose. If you enjoy gambling and you take a few cruises during the year, it's not that difficult to get the points for prime. But if you're not much of a gambler, you'll likely lose much more than you expect. Gamblers have a higher tolerance for losses.
  2. The annual free Prime cruise is normally an inside cabin for two for just about any cruise that's eight days or less. Pretty good. However, the free cruises that are earned on a ship (normally 2400 points on a single cruise) aren't so good. The last one I earned had very few cruises out of Florida. But if you live in Galveston, jackpot. I attached the list from a few weeks ago.
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