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  1. snaefell, thank you for advice. Have already paid early £300 for gratuities, though that would be it. Can I cancel this and just pay as we go, we're not drinkers but tea, coffee and water are important. Do we still pay 18% on tea, coffee and water? Starting to wonder what we have got into. All just seems money grabbing.
  2. Thank you, yes, this is our first cruise, sooo much to figure out. If I have queries about excursions, should I post on this site or first time cruiser site? Thanks
  3. Can anyone tell me if non alcoholic beer is included in any of Royal Caribbean drinks packages? Was thinking of the Refreshment package? Also, a bit confused about when getting drinks, we have paid our gratuities up front, but do we still have gratuities added each time? This is for a Baltic cruise. Thanks for any advice.
  4. Thank you all for help, will check out first time cruiser section.
  5. Understand don't need visa with organised tours, this being first cruise, will be playing it safe and going tours, otherwise will be in state of panic about missing sailing.
  6. Hope this is the correct place to ask questions. First time cruise booked, RCL Baltic cruise in May. Trying to get through the minefield of information. Firstly, My time dining? how do you book times? Have been into RCL website and registered, but can't find anywhere to book dining or show times? Secondly, was going to take over the door shoe hanger but have read that these have to be fire proof? Thirdly, Adaptors with USB, is there any specific kind? Also, on first day of cruise are there any specific things I should be doing? organising? booking? Thank you for any tips and advice, starting
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