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  1. We didn't see any vendors while we were there. They have a small souvenir shop, but nothing pushy. We're going on the Valor out of NOLA in March for Spring Break and already decided to go back to Paradise. Hope y'all have a great time!
  2. Paradise Beach was great! Service was wonderful, everything was nice and clean. Good food and drinks, no pushy vendors selling trinkets on the beach. Water toys were fun, even though the 4-year old was scared at first. Lots of shade, as 3 of the 4 of us burn easily. We're planning another short cruise for Spring Break and plan to go back when we stop in Cozumel. I highly recommend!
  3. We will be at Paradise this Saturday from the Carnival Dream. Been to Cozumel before, but first time here. We're 2 women (52 & 47), daughter (27) and grandson (4). We got the AI for the day and are looking forward to it!
  4. Wife and I are taking our oldest daughter and grandson on this short getaway. Hope to meet some folks!
  5. I was on the Grandeur in 2001 or 2002, so clearly I don't have any relevant recent info 😊. My wife and I are taking our second cruise on Carnival over Labor Day. Haven't been on the Pride, but were on the Liberty a couple of years ago and going on the Dream. We never felt any animosity on our Carnival cruise, and there were several other gay couples on that sailing. Even though people are still bigots, as long as they keep their comments to themselves, I don't really care. Have a great time!
  6. If your intention is to possibly meet someone for your husband, then a "standard" cruise is not really the right place. As previous posters said, there may be an LGBT gathering, but will not be predominantly LGBT cruisers. Look at the mentioned travel agencies and you'll find exclusive cruises just for our community.
  7. Checking back in to see if anyone else will be on this cruise. Would like to meet some new folks!
  8. Hello folks! My wife and I along with our oldest daughter and grandson are sailing on the Carnival Dream out of Galveston over Labor Day weekend. This is the 2nd cruise my wife and I have taken together, but I have 9 under my belt without her. First time taking the 4-year-old grandson and hoping he'll have a blast. Would love to connect with anyone else taking this trip!
  9. We just had this conversation this morning. We are doing a 4 night over Labor Day weekend, taking our grandson on his first cruise. With 3 adults in the room, each one of us would have to get the package for a total cost of $551. My daughter doesn't drink much, and the 4 year old is more of a juice man, so it doesn't make sense for us this time. We've gotten it before on a longer cruise when it was just the grown ups and it was more economical.
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