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  1. Thanks, can you also use it for shore excursions? I am guessing you would have to wait until the ship sails to sign up for the excursion ?
  2. Where can I find the policy on what exactly the onboard credit can and CANNOT be used for? I know these are geneally a use it or loose it. Can I for example gamble with it in the casino if it should be more than I can spend? Can I use it to pay for excursions? Spa treatments? thanks
  3. Thanks, looking forward to reading it
  4. I guess I will have to ask my parents to try calling Expedia to see about using the GC for prepaid tips. But weird though because the carnival site would have let me pay it via CC or PayPal just fine. So that is why I am asking if they don't allow GC payment on the gratuities.
  5. GREAT Question, I hadn't thought of that. Thank you so much for all of your input everyone. That gives me great insight on what to plan for. I was thinking at least $100 in small bills cash for tips. We will have a few hundred more on hand for contingency. Obviously the credit card will cover whatever we should decide to do. I assume I can use it at Margaritaville, etc. ? My main purpose of the question was geared towards how much to put on the S&S which I understand to be a use it or loose it deal. Planning on buying discount Carnival gift cards to fund it. I don't want to put too much on it and then have to buy stuff I don't want in order to keep from loosing the money.
  6. Could be in a small box depending on how many were ordered. In my case, 10 cards came in a fairly small box. Thanks for the previous advice to call Expedia. They were able to pay with the gift cards that way. Ran into a new wrinkle though. I tried to use some funds I had left on one card to prepay their gratuities and it didn't give me the option to use a gift card. Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. My gift cards arrived today. One small problem and I might stray too far off topic. I got some of the cards to go towards my parrents cruise which they booked separately. I just found out they booked thru expedia. The Carnival website wont let me pay for the booking on their site. I logged on to the expedia account to try to pay there. The only option given is to pay with a credit card. Any suggestions ?
  8. What would that $100 / day be spent on ? I forgot to mention our excursions are already booked.
  9. Just trying to get an idea of what to expect for our first crise this summer on Carnival Magic. How Much $ should I need for Sign & Sail / Onboard Credit? We are a family of 4, children 5 and 8. I am thinking maybe we buy 1 soda a day each at most. Maybe a virgin pina colada or two. Possibly speacialty coffee each morning. Our gratuties are pre-paid. Not planning on Spa, picture pachages, alcohol, etc. thanks as always
  10. I think I can do this in my sleep by now
  11. Yes that's good advice, I did contact the hotel when I made the reservation to confirm that they would still come get us at that time.
  12. Comfort Inn Miami Airport North has free airport and cruise port shuttle. I booked us there because we don't get to MIA until after 9pm and are a party of 6 (can't all fit in one Uber/Lyft).
  13. Comfort Inn/Suites North Miami Airport has both for free. I'm booked there for this summer so I can't tell you much about it yet.
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