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  1. I guess I just look at it differently. I don't look at the "new cases" info to determine the cruise dates. A cruise ship is a finite space. The closest comparison for safety right now is Disney World. All the cruise lines have to prove is that people can be safe in a controlled environment. If the Disney bubble shows that it is possible to control the environmental issues enough to provide a reasonably safe space, all the cruise lines have to do is follow their example. The next few weeks will determine how much we can protect those in a controlled environ
  2. I would. We don't even get off the ship at Half Moon Cay anymore. Key West is one of my favorite stops.
  3. My favorite breakfast. Probably 2/3 of my mornings will be there. Plus, a few days for lunch. Favorite place to eat on the whole ship.
  4. It's just that the booking flow has you request accessible, then confirm that you qualify for accessible then offers you the choice to pick a room or let them pick. We are starting to "know " the accessible rooms by ship type. Have to stay in the same rooms every time, for the most part. Thought choosing this option might get us upgrades every now and then. Since switching to accessible rooms the upgrade fairy has pretty much disappeared.
  5. Has anyone chosen to have Carnival choose your room when fully accessible room was needed? Sometimes it is the only option that comes up. But, when it gets to the final booking page there is no reference to needing an accessible room. Someone had told us once that you could not choose that option for accessible, but they keep offering it. Just hoping for some help.
  6. We are on the phone with Carnival right now booking mid October.
  7. I have looked all though the AARP site and have never found these cards. Where are they? Nevermind: Found it.
  8. Disney owns cruise ships and Disney will let the government of Florida know when they will be starting back up.
  9. We have cruises booked for Sep, Nov, Jan, Apr and next Nov. Lots of future cruises are filling up fast. To each their own.
  10. And I would go on the cruise without hesitation. I am rarely within 6 feet of most people on a cruise. Like to look for quiet spots or use my balcony. Pizza delivery and room service are fine with me. Only use the MDR a couple of times per cruise as it is. Have never seen a show in the showroom, so that doesn't matter to me. And don't drink alcohol. Bring my own cokes. To each their own. I will sacrifice a few things to go cruising again. We have cruises booked in Sep, Nov, Jan, April and next Nov.
  11. Or, like they stated yesterday, they are pulling the bookings to control the inventory because they will be starting at less-than-full capacities.
  12. I truly think people will keep cruising. This is just based on me and my co-workers and friends. Plus, when I say co-workers you should understand that my office books people on Disney cruises. The calls are still coming in and my co-workers are all still talking about the cruises we have coming up. Unfortunately, "Floating petri dish", I am afraid that might linger for a while. Comparing it to John McCain's "Human cockfighting" reference about Mixed Martial Arts matches. It did stick even after rules were changed, government sanctioning, etc. They survived but it took a long time
  13. This. We had a blast. The service was so great that we spent the last day walking around finding Managers and letting them know how impressed we were with everybody. After we got home we completed the survey and wrote a letter. Carnival is always great but the Liberty just stepped it up a notch and it was great.
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