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  1. I just booked Rapid Antigen tests for me and my wife at CVS two days before our cruise leaves. Was easy to do online and results come in an hour or two. We have already done a fully masked cruise on American Queen Steamboats. Was no big deal and everyone had a blast. Don't really see what the problem is.
  2. Value. Best deal means more cruising. We have 7 cruises planned right now. It adds up.
  3. We always do the omelets station at Cucina del Capitano when it's available. Great food served fresh and fast. My favorite next to Blue Iguana for breakfast.
  4. We get it for every cruise. Too good of a deal for the convenience.
  5. Dining room chairs aren't bad, but we usually ask for a booth or banquette when we get there. The request is usually noted and we never have to ask again. On the other hand, seats around the Alchemy Bar and nearby stage area on many boats are hard for me to fit in. Hips are just too big. I am a big guy. Last time I cruised I was 6'5" 350 lbs. This morning I weighed in at 297. So, hopefully, everything I just wrote is a thing from my past.😁
  6. I loved reading this. I was a pro comic for several years, back in the day. Probably 1988-1993??? Anyway, I knew Geech and loved working with him. I guess his style was pretty weird for some folks or maybe just a bit off that night. But, overall, one of my favorite comics and super nice guy.
  7. Usually, Hot Roll. Penny machine with only 3 reels. Min bet is 20 cents. And that is where you will find me and my wife.
  8. My first cruise on the Jubilee, long ago. . Best itinerary I could ask for. A new island every morning. Only the Jounrneys cruise come close these days.
  9. Lots of businesses are already using facial recognition everyday. It helps a lot with security. When I worked main entrance at EPCOT we had to be strict about only letting people exit through the EXIT lanes. Why? They had to get pics coming in the park and compare them to those who have left the park. That way they have an idea of who is still in there. Plus, if a guest gets away from security the "eyes in the sky" can find them pretty quickly.
  10. Hmm... we are Aug 19 and didn't get it. Will check the website.
  11. From what we were told, final announcements would be posted by June 17th. If you have a problem you should call them immediately because after June 21 if any changes are made they will be charged normal fees for those changes. Probably wouldn't hurt to call them. I think they are giving us those few days for this exact reason. They can't read our minds and are doing what looks good on paper. That might not be what looks good for us.
  12. We got our new room assignments yesterday and they showed up on the website just now. As I stated before, they are doing the accessible rooms first. We are very happy with our room assignments. No upgrade in cabin, but a better deck. We are now on the Lido deck which makes cruising with a wheelchair a LOT easier. No elevators needed to eat or go out for a quick ice cream.
  13. As stated above, they are supposed to have the new room assignments by June 17. If you have a wheelchair accessible room they are calling you sooner to talk about your exact needs. We got our call this morning. She just asked questions for now and said she would call us before 5:30 tonight with our new rooms. We need another, non accessible, room for my mother that we want close to us. They are working on everything.
  14. To say it again... The fear is not for ourselves. The fear is non vaxxers getting on the ship, testing positive, spreading to others and setting the cruise industry back to square one. These companies are hanging by a thread right now and one more set back may be the end for some. It's called looking at the bigger picture.
  15. We were on the Elation end of Sep. We called the Carnival Disability line. She said NO rooms will be assigned on the Magic till June 17. Before that we will get a call to talk about our room assignment. The Magic is limited in Fully Accessible rooms, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
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