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  1. Thanks, Canadian Bear. I'm on the verge of letting it go. There just isn't anything good on TV tonight. 🙂
  2. Sorry in turn, but it's not a 7-night cruise if we cruise only 6 nights. Anyone with any meaningful business experience supports that logic. "Cruise: to sail about touching at a series of ports." - Merriam Webster dictionary Feel free to debate with Merriam Webster. 😉
  3. OK, we were sleeping on the ship at the docks. No different than sleeping at a hotel at the docks. IT IS NOT A CRUISE. Overnighting in Kobe is apples and oranges. It's on your schedule.
  4. I am not twising the facts. You are misunderstanding my point. We did not have a 6-day, 7-night cruise because we left a day later than the cruise schedule. As I keep saying, we did not pay HAL to sleep on the San Diego docks. That is not a cruise.
  5. With all due respect, I believe you are still missing the point. I spent decades in management. A business is ethically and legally responsible for the quality of the products and services they deliver. They don't promise something, get paid and deliver something less. Yes, we travel a lot. We also have run into many problems and deal with them. This is different in many ways.
  6. I don't remember which day we were supposed to visit Mazatlan. I can only tell you that they dropped Mazatlan from the schedule.
  7. I'm not sure why HAL defenders are so upset, but I'll try to summarize their points: 1. Some think there should be no compensation under any circumstances. 2. Some think HAL isn't responsible for any problems under their control. 3. Some think I shouldn't post anything bad about HAL. The summary of what I think: 1. I'm glad I got some compensation. 2. HAL is responsible for problems under their control. 3. I paid for 3 ports and a six-day, seven-night cruise. 4. I didn't pay for 2 ports and a five-day, six-night cruise. 5. The $
  8. I have already said many times on here that yes, we slept on the ship. And I'll save you the trouble of telling me what I have already heard. We paid for a cruise. We didn't pay to sleep on the San Diego docks.
  9. Not at all. A port of call is part of the cruise we paid for. We didn't pay to visit San Diego.
  10. I understand your point. After well more than 100 flights, I have always known every single airline to make something right and deliver what they promised.
  11. No, I bought a ticket to Mazatlan. I was left in San Diego.
  12. No, I didn't have a full 7 night cruise. Ships are supposed to move. That's why they call it a cruise. Sitting in a room at the embarkation dock for a full day instead of visiting Mazatlan is not a cruise.
  13. I suggest you buy an airline ticket from Port Angeles to New York City, have the airline dump you in Kansas City and still pay for a flight from Port Angeles to NYC.
  14. As I have said previously, we boarded on the scheduled embarkation day. We departed on the second day after sitting in the San Diego port for all of the first day.
  15. I'm now under the impression that you aren't reading my posts.
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