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  1. Why does being new matter, we are all here to offer support and advice to each other?
  2. Here here...lots of us are going to be sick in the weeks ahead and worse lose loved ones, yes this kept me going when I left for work at 7am in the ice an cold, imagining being on a Barbadian beach but it is what it is - a holiday, lets keep this in perspective. Stay safe and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!
  3. Cruise cancelled by text, at last we know!
  4. Still Going ahead in the Caribbean according to the phone call to Marella cruises yesterday, though I find this hard to believe right now, I just wished they would cancel them I can get my head round it. Surely it's not even viable they'd be do many over 70s cancelling anyway... It's still available to buy at about 1400 less than we paid for two weeks!!!
  5. We are due to fly to Barbados a week tomorrow. I called in personally at the tui agency (they weren't very busy!!), they said as it's booked online I had to call that number and they couldn't help. But they said unless FCO changed things we would be sailing. Not helpful really.... I have so many feelings going on, this is my partners first cruise, what should be an exciting time which has turned sour and I can't concentrate at work, it's taking over all my thoughts. I want to go but I'm terrified of being in hospital, let alone a foreign one and bring split up from my partner.
  6. Found the policy it states this... If one of the following events occurs or prevents you from travelling within seven days of your scheduled departure date: a. an avalanche, earthquake, explosion, fire, flood, landslide, storm or tsunami renders your pre-booked accommodation uninhabitable. b. your pre-booked holiday accommodation is directly affected by a food poisoning outbreak. c. the area in which you were due to stay is affected by pandemic or epidemic influenza. d. a Foreign and Commonwealth Office advisory notice against all travel or all but essential travel to your destinat
  7. Barclays Insurance are saying the line is closed!!!
  8. Sorry to be a bit thick here but why does a pandemic affect our insurance? Checked on Barclays FAQ but can't see anything about this? Due to go to Barbados a week on Sunday, who knows what could change in a 10 days ....
  9. I can't get through to the line, waited 20 mins then gave up! The website is still saying all other cruises bar those listed are going ahead, I wished we had some clarity as others have said we'll be like Italy in a week or so and that's when we are about to sail. Feeling very frustrated at not knowing, gutted we may not be but also relieved in a way as it's making me really anxious!!!
  10. Hi Please could you tell me... How many sockets (do I need an extension lead?) and what type they are..i.e. what adaptors do I need to bring? How much is the wifi? Thank you!
  11. All good advice .... However we can't cancel now, we have to go and sadly it's tainted and I can't get excited because of the Coronavirus. I can't get through to my insurers in the UK so I doubt my phone would even work in the Caribbean, let alone wifi. My worry is being stuck in a cabin without any idea what's going off, I am almost afraid to touch anything reading that that virus can live for 9 days on some surfaces. That said, we will go and hopefully have an amazing time without being ill hoping I can stop being paranoid and relax a bit, that
  12. Due to go on the holiday of a lifetime on 23 March round Barbados for 2 weeks, just afraid they will lockdown and we'll be stuck i the cabin and bound to get it!
  13. Hi Is there anywhere around the islands that offer fishing for half a day? There are no trips on our itinerary and I can only find boats that are private chartered and for two it's very expensive. Thanks in advance
  14. I'm in the same 'boat' pardon the pun! Thanks Caribbean 2000 for the info, seems it's not going to straightforward, are there any islands in the Caribbean where they would fish for Marlin do you know?
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