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  1. British Air just cancelled our $8000 air fare to stockholm (2 in first class) and got our money back but Aazamar has not cancelled the June 18 cruise Baltic Intensive so no money back. How are we supposed to get there from Los Angeles. Time to go on LA TV and let them know how Azamara is treating their customers.
  2. No more inside cabins with 4 people sharing a room. All rooms and public areas disenfected all day long No more self serve buffets. Less seating in all dining areas. Less seating in show rooms. less Shore excursions passangers All pasanger will have temperature and other health screenings every port going on and off. Travel insurance will become mandatory Way more crew and staff. Sounds like costs going way up
  3. Have you read and reread the new CDC requirements for Cruise companies, like a full medical facility on board, plus many other safety regulations. You will never see prices like the ones you booked ever again. Those FCC credits will be not worth a lot for you when booking a new cruise
  4. I would call your credit card company and ask them to reverse the charges since you are not getting the service you paid for. I had a situation with a hotel that didn't have the room catagory I paid for, caled Master Catd and got all my money credited back.
  5. Companies that are bleeding cash start to cut expenses dramatically. Just curious how do you think that will effect the number of crew members on a cruise, the quality of the food and the entertainment? I suspect that is exactly what is discussing in the boardroom of the cruise headquarters today.
  6. I am 100 days out from June 18 cruise. If I cancel today, due I get 50% refund and 50% FCC.
  7. "Only 100 passangers" How about the crew? Ship docking in Oakland tomorrow has 18 crew members sick.
  8. I am now concerned about the crew members that Azamara employs. What kind of screening are they getting? What countries are they coming from? What happens to the cruise if one person tests positive while out at sea?
  9. CNBC, the stock market station, said VP Mike Pence is meeting with the Cruise Industry in Ft. Lauderdale Florida Sat. Call his office or your local congress person and let them know how frustrating it is dealing with the crises
  10. Call your senators and congress person. This is an election year. Tell the cruise company you are filing a complaint with the federal government and they will be hearing from your senator. I would even call the White House.
  11. Time to get your political leaders involved. In the US, I would be calling my us senator and my local us congress person. I am sure the cruise community in Australia is a sizable voting block. Call your representative and put they phone number here is other Aussies can follow up
  12. Azamara Quest arrives in St Pete 6/20 at 8AM and can we possibly get thru customs and on are private tour by 9AM.
  13. Scheduled to be in London on return from Azamara cruise in time for Wimbleton. That news from UK government up to 80% of us are likely to get the virus has me very concerned about being in crowds in London even though we are talking about late June, early July. I am in the high risk category and want to make an informed decision on cancelling
  14. "a health care questionnaire" Should they ask if the passanger has had a flu shot. They talk abot preventive measures, but I would sure like to know I am on board with those that have taken this simple precaution
  15. Coronavirus cases surge in South Korea as first death reported; mayor tells residents to stay indoors
  16. CDC Director says coronavirus could be with us forever like flu viruses The coronavirus, now called 2019-nCoV, could become endemic, circulating naturally like flu viruses.
  17. DH had some health issues last year, and I probably should have purchased insurance for our November trip. I got my pre existing health issues waived when I bought insurance directly from Azamara. Plus 75% credit for cancel for any reason.
  18. New York Times Feb 13 When a ship’s itinerary is changed, “passengers have little recourse as a practical matter,” said Jim Walker, a maritime lawyer who represents people suing cruise lines. “Cruise lines are able to freely alter their itineraries and if you don’t have insurance you’re just stuck, and the trouble with insurance is it often has exceptions for pandemics and things like this.”
  19. We were able to special order anything we wanted from either resturant, no matter what was on the menu. If we found something we liked, we could get it again in either resturant.
  20. Because I have pre existing health issues, I bought cruise insurance directly from the cruise line the same minute I booked the cruise and paid the deposit. My cruise is not until June, but the policy waives preexisting conditions. plus I can cancel for any reason and get 75% credit for future. I can't believe people booked a cruise months ago and didn't get insurance right away.
  21. I don't see anyone talking about cruise insurance, flight insurance, medivac insurance. I have 3 insurance policies plus Master Card insurance on my June air from Lax to Stockholm and cruise from Stockholm to St Petersburg, plus 10 days in London. I have some pre exisiting health issues, and the the policy from Azamara waives the pre exisitng exclusions. Does anybody NOT buy cruise insurance?
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