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  1. The "sofa bed" doesnt pull out, that's what I had assumed would be the case. Not the most comfortable, but totally doable! I know the bed pulls out of the ceiling and the two twins in the room. The problem is the "sofa bed" is a bench with a twin sized cushion on it from the pictures I've found today. It isnt actually a bed at all. I'm at a loss. I'm the youngest in my group by more than 20 years and the plan had been all along that I take the bed that has to be climbed in to...but that was with your understanding of a sofa BED. I cant even think of anything that will work to make it so that whoever gets the padded bench will be able to sleep, much less move the next day and enjoy our vacation...
  2. When I booked my upcoming cruise a few months ago, we were all well aware of how very exceptionally tight the fit would be for four adults in the "Family Balcony" cabin we had selected. But now, weeks away from my one week of vacation a year, I have been made aware of a potentially fatal flaw in the plan. The sofa bed...is just a bench with a twin size cushion on it??? How awful is it truly? It looks horrific in the pictures I've stumbled across here. Is there anything I can even do to mitigate the impending disaster at this point??? When we decided to cram 4 people in to 207 sq ft we were doing it so we could afford to go on a vacation we are very willing to make sacrifices to make it happen but...I never thought they wouldnt provide an actual bed!
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