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    Can you walk to anything in ports of Pride of Aloha?

    Thank you so much for the information. It will be very helpful. We may be brave and try renting a car. It sounds like the most practical solution. Can you park near Kanapali Beach (spelling?)? Does anyone know where? Are there public restrooms at the Kanapali Beach and in Lahaina?
  2. :) We plan to be on the Pride of Aloha 4/15/07 cruise and wondered if you can walk to anything from the ports. We also wondered if there are any public transportation or shuttles near any ports. Are there any independent vendors of tours near the ports if you don't want to take NCL tours? We are a little afraid to drive in a strange place. Are the NCL shuttles to Lahaina working well, running often, etc? We would appreciate any info, because on other cruises we often enjoyed being on our own in port.
  3. We will be on the Pride of Aloha leaving April 15 and wondered if there are places you can walk to from the ports. Are there shuttles to take you into town from the ports? We like to do some looking around on our own and would rather not rent a car in a strange place. I guess there probably is no public transportation. Are the shuttles NCL has to Lahaina running often? Are there any vendors near the various ports offering independent tours? Would appreciate any tips.