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  1. Hello :0) I have a comped cruise scheduled in January. I'm curious if the cruise gets canceled will they rebook or just cancel and get a refund? I am wanting to go so would prefer to push back if necessary. What has others experience be? This would be with NCL.
  2. Thanks for all the info guys 🙂 I apappreciate it. I will just purchase the passes. I like where we are.
  3. Oh wow ok yup that's a deal breaker 😞 didnt want noise right up above.
  4. My daughter and I are very interested in the thermal spa passes. We will be on the Bliss in January and was told we could pay to upgrade our room. We have a balcony cabin, 12250 to be exact. Is it worth trying to upgrade to a spa suite? Is it really pricey to do that? Or is it just better to purchase the passes? Thoughts?
  5. I will be on the Bliss and I really hope I enjoy it as much as it sounded like you did. 🙂 when you said you found a Duck what did you mean haha. Dont judge me I'm a newbie 🤣 Thank you so much for the review. I enjoyed reading 😉
  6. Awesome thanks for responding:0) is that per person or cabin? And does it sell out like Vibe?
  7. Have a wonderful cruise. 🙂 I cant wait to be on the Bliss. Sooo excited. Does anyone know how much the thermal suite passes are? My daughter apparently is looking forward to relaxing there.
  8. Hello I have seen many commenting on the internet. Was this the upgraded wifi? Curious if it is worth getting for our cruise or if it is pretty slow period.
  9. So in order to make it in time for Vibe show up early? Am I correct or is there some tips for getting the 1st or 2nd time? Also do I go to customer service? I was looking into the priority booking but not sure it's worth it if others get on quicker anyhow haha :0)
  10. Oh yea trust me I know it's not true. The old people complain more than praise. I was just curious about others experience. Crowds dont bother me but when it's your first time and you see more kaka than praise you just want to learn from seasoned folks what they recommend :0) @Bird Travles I read your review and honestly it was what helped me to decide. You did an awesome job 🙂 @smplybcause Thanks for the info on the possible charge for specialty dining. I was not aware. I don't plan to miss any reservations but figured it was worth asking.
  11. Hello everyone. First let me say I appreciate all your awesome feedback and info. As I said before after having a really crappy last few years I am finally doing my dream vacation. We are doing Bliss to the Riviera several months from now. I am not a seasoned cruiser but do understand this is the larger ship so will be a big crowd. However recently I have seen so many people complaining about the Bliss and was curious if yall had any tips for me. I am a patient traveler but dont want to be caught off guard. I know about reserving shows and dinners but if you miss a reservation are you penalized? Is there a better time to go eat? Also is Vibe worth the cost and can you book early or only once on board? Is paying for priority boarding and tenders etc worth it?
  12. I noticed on the daily for day 1 it says collect your welcome aboard pack or something like that at also get your free charm with Jake. My first cruise with NCL is coming and I am wondering what that means?
  13. Ok so I have a silly question. Can you take a rolling duffel instead of a suitcase. We have a really nice one and didnt want to buy more luggage. Obviously just for clothing the rest can go in the luggage. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks guys appreciate it 🙂
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