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  1. I recently read a story about a newlywed couple from South Africa who went on vacation to the Maldives and were left alone for almost a month because of the quarantine.. they were alone on one of the Islands, with only the hotel staff with them. Now they were able to return home, but weren't very happy with the fact that they spent such an unplanned and long vacation and spent all the money, although the island on which they rested was really beautiful
  2. I love pajamas too!! Previously, it wasn't possible to even just stay at home with family, 'cause work, work, work... And now I spend half the day lying around in my favorite pajamas with kittens and eating chips (Yes, I'm almost 40 years old, lol)
  3. This is a sign! The person you really want to spend your whole life with usually shares your main hobby. My husband and I have almost the same story, but we have visited only 5 cruises. We hope to break your record ;)
  4. I'll respond to your comment to say what a beautiful daughter you have!😍 I also had a dress that looked very, very similar to hers at prom, so it just came back to me. It's a pity that her prom was canceled, 'cause really it's the main holiday for teenagers! I am truly sorry for you 😞
  5. Going back to the beginning of the topic, I can't even really say how we are doing. Because recently I stopped following the news about the coronavirus, I just sit at home, spend time with my husband and children and enjoy it. Of course, there are various rumors, but I try not to pay attention. But in general the situation is depressing
  6. Thank you very much! I also wish you health and well-being! Yes, I agree, the photos can be better with a camera, but to post them on Facebook, for example, you have to do a lot of work. You are lucky to have such a good son! By the way, my son bought me a smartphone case, for which I thank him. I don't seem to be very old, but technologies is not my thing also. So let the young people learn and tell us!😀
  7. I think that doctors will be very careful in their forecasts and resolutions for a long time to come. But let me pay my respects to your sooo big experience as a traveler! This is really, really very cool!
  8. I understand that no one has written here for a long time, but I want to share my pain - last year at the airport I dropped my phone so badly that it crashed. And there were all the photos from our last cruise! Thank God my husband still has some photos. I'm not very good with technology, so I don't have cloud storage. But since then, at least I've been carrying my phone in a protective case. I learn from my mistakes!
  9. Maybe I don't understand something, but what is the point of being afraid of flights, but not afraid to spend a few weeks on a cruise ship, where not only a lot of people, but also a large number of common spaces. And the virus, as already known, can be picked up even just by touching the door handle, which was previously touched by an infected person. Anyway, seriously, good luck to you. Take care of yourself and your loved ones
  10. Quite logical. Moreover, the number of infections there is not so high even at the moment. If I remember correctly, there are about 58 infections in Jamaica, 33 cases in the Bahamas... Not so many.
  11. Exactly! Despite the fact that many stores, metro stations, and so on are now marked with special markings, people for the most part do not care. Not so much because of a deliberate disregard for safety rules, but because of their own habit of standing in queues very close to each other. Nevertheless, we must somehow wean ourselves from this?
  12. The right decision!😎 I also try to sew masks from improvised materials (but I'm a very bad seamstress). After all, if we can't get them in the city and we want security, what do we have to do?.. I wish health to your DH!
  13. You know, I don't support the work of churches and common prayers during an extremely contagious epidemic, but people can still be understood. Perhaps their faith keeps them from despair. But then Church officials still have to persuade parishioners to refrain from visiting churches and pray at home. Perhaps if such people are not affected by the requests of the government, then the requests of the priests will be affected? For them, they are more authoritative, probably...
  14. Perhaps these changes you are talking about will turn out to be for the better. At the very least, I think, the requirements for safety and sanitary conditions on ships and in ports will be tightened. For companies, of course, it will bring additional costs, but for passengers it will be just fine. So...
  15. Wow! And I envy You! I love the North and generally when it's snowing and cold❄️. I wish I lived in Canada, but I would love to go there ^_^
  16. Oh, congratulations to you! 🥰You're very good at not getting discouraged 'cause in fact this is the best way to spend the time of self-isolation with benefit. And you're sooo damn right about boredom for old habits! Yes! But what to do... And about online training... I started learning Swedish myself 🙂 I didn't have time for this before so it's a great opportunity to do it now
  17. Well, it's hard for any private business right now. This, unfortunately, is logical. But people have to live and earn money somehow, don't they? So let's see what measures the government will take to support businesses
  18. Lol, funny 🙂 I recently saw a picture where the disappearance of tyrannosaurus was explained by the fact that the planet was attacked by an ancient coronavirus, and they could not protect themselves and wash their hands because of it were too short. Crazy, but funny 😀 😇 😷
  19. Now this discussion seems rather sad. I wonder how many of the guys who wrote here will still have cruises?
  20. I agree with you. The word COVIDiot was invented for a reason. So many people could protect themselves and others just by sitting at home. On the other hand, we are now seeing a real example of the courage and heroism of our doctors, grocery store workers and transport services. I hope that in peaceful time we won't stop appreciating this less.
  21. How sad it is... I wish your friend a speedy recovery and let everything be fine! Unfortunately, the virus can now be obtained anywhere. As for the news, it's already kind of scary to watch and listen to all this, it's really scary. But we need to be informed and not believe in delusional rumors
  22. Oh, your comment seems so depressing😥. 'Cause it is true, spring, and we all want some kind of renewal, both externally and internally. And if there're no problems with "pumping" internal resources (because there's a lot of free time in the quarantine), then the situation with external updates takes a very unpleasant turn, and this is very sad. But all in all I suppose everything will be alright so please hold on and believe in the best❤️
  23. I almost always wear makeup, but the quarantine has made some changes in this part of my life😅. I haven't left my house much for a week (just to buy food) and I don't wear makeup here. At home, I periodically do masks, manicure, of course, but in general I give the skin a rest. She deserves it😂
  24. I think so too. I would just like to add that in order to restore the trust of potential customers, cruise lines must offer something new in the field of transportation security. Now people are scared, and this is a necessary measure to restore trust. Accordingly, this requires money, which, as you said, some will not have. Plus, I think there may be stricter requirements for cruises on the part of the state, which also entails costs. After all, now many seemingly completely private companies are affected (and this is logical) to the influence of state and measures it takes to stop the epidemic
  25. Awww, so cute!😊 An excellent example of competent actions during self-isolation. I'm very happy for you, and I'd like to wish that all families have everything as nice and cozy as yours 🙂
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