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  1. In the letter from Carnival canceling my June Radiance cruise FROM Spain TO NY, they said it was canceled because the ship would not be completed in time. That was before the outbreak.
  2. I have done cruises booked at different times, but not booked through different sources. Feel free to call and link them to be sure. Carnival would love to talk to you!
  3. Well...I was there October 2019 on the Conquest...you were not! On this ship you received your card in your mailbox. So, we boarded the ship and went to the room to get the cards from the mailbox. They weren't there. We used the old cards to go in the room and drop stuff off. We called Guest Services and asked where the new cards were. They told us come pick them up at the desk. So, yes, that was how it worked.
  4. ^^This!^^ I have never called to link my B2Bs. They have always known even if I don't mention it. Even the Maitre d comes and asks for our seating preference for the second leg.
  5. B2Bs are so nice. We wanted to go out to Miami, so we took the "In Transit Pass" that was provided with the B2B instructions AND the boarding pass for the next cruise and just left when we wanted. When coming back we headed to the Priority line and showed our boarding pass and In Transit Pass and were waved all the way through to the ship. Our old cards still worked until we went to Guest Services later and picked up the new ones. IF you want to go out later than the B2B meeting time in the dining room, you need to go to the meeting. In any case, if you get off the ship make sure t
  6. I suspect the days of my wheeling 2 packs of Diet Code Red and 2 Diet Cherry Pepsi won't be over. 😒
  7. With the last major hurricane, they went back within a month to some ports like St. Martin and San Juan. We went 5 weeks after St. Martin was nearly wiped clean and there was widespread damage everywhere, electricity not restored, and locals were surprised to see the ship. We were on one of two Carnival tours that somehow wasn't canceled. The local company found someone to piece together a walking food tour. She was grateful for the money but was obviously stressed to put something together. We waited at the pier for an hour (people did start griping as it was in the 90's and the shade trees w
  8. ^^^^So true!!! But for using the Drinks on Us, no milking necessary. You just have to place an order with a Waitperson on the casino floor. I have never seen or heard of there being an issue with actively playing or not. And let me just add something to consider. I have been on 23 casino promo cruises with the DOU card, which my wife also receives. The primary and guest DOU cards are the same, and just stipulate they can only be used while in the casino (NOT only while gambling). She doesn't gamble, but is free to order all the drinks within the limits just like everyone else with a DOU c
  9. I'm not trying to be Capt. Obvious, but whatever DH does at home to make low sodium taste better you should consider doing on the ship. Like bring your shakers of salt substitutes or seasonings or whatever. Hopefully Carnival can make it low sodium and still taste great, but it's good to be prepared just in case their altered version is a swing and a miss.
  10. A change of ports on a cruise does not count as a trip interruption. The cruise is your trip and unless you were forced to abandon ship, you probably won't be covered, and you have no loss to reimburse anyway. Since you use insuremytrip and Nationwide TRAVEL insurance, you might consider getting Nationwide's CRUISE insurance which is also offered through insuremytrip. It pays a fixed amount (even without you having lost money) PER PERSON for missed ports that are announced once you are already on board ($100 - $250 depending on the level of policy you buy) or itinerary changes that are announc
  11. I don't think they will switch your assigned rooms like that, but they will give you a separate keycard for the suite and the BF a keycard for the balcony. Your S&S will still show you in a balcony and him in a suite, but doesn't hurt to ask.
  12. Non refundable USUALLY just means you won't get your original form of payment back. Each rate code has different terms, so it is hard to tell you definitively without knowing your rate code. Call Carnival and ask to have your deposit changed to a future cruise credit and applied to your current booking.
  13. I have filed several cruise claims and future credits for cruise and airfare are not reimbursed by insurance. My insurance company actually has me still put that on the claim form then the explanation of benefits shows the fare as non payable because of previous reimbursement from the carrier. From what I have seen, if Carnival totally cancels the cruise, they have given a REFUND of your payment, whereas if they modify the cruise (shortened or whatever) and YOU decide to cancel, you get future cruise credit.
  14. I tried going to my local casino and play comparable to how I play on a cruise, and while they would give me a free buffet and several hundred in free play, none ever gets close to giving me three free cruises for 4 days of playing plus $500-1500 in free play on each one. I did get a 4-day hotel and food and show tickets to Vegas and tried the M perks and still never get close to a free cruise. Is there a particular casino I could try that would give better comps? I used to get cash all the time, but now it is mixed. Sometimes cash, sometimes fun chips. Same thing
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