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  1. You're welcome! We've used two sites for day use rooms (Day Use and Hotels by Day). I think both sites give you various options for check in/check out times. I was trying to find my old reservation when we did a day use room by LAX, but I can't track it down. I'm pretty sure we stayed at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport and I know we paid more than New Orleans (over $100). It was nice and they have a complimentary shuttle to the airport. We were on the Star doing a Mexican Riviera cruise this time last year and had an amazing time! We saw so many whales in Puerto Vallarta
  2. I’m actually not sure what that’s all about either! Sorry! Maybe someone else can chime in? You’re welcome! Thanks for the info about the Summit! We’re really excited to get back on a smaller ship. Their drink package does look really nice and does seem to include more than NCL’s. Thanks so much! It was definitely fun doing the review and reliving our trip. We really did enjoy the entertainment on NCL - hope you do too!!
  3. It’s different for every hotel. We paid $69 plus tax to stay from 8am to 4pm. If you Google “day use room,” a few different websites come up.
  4. Final Thoughts When we booked this cruise, we wanted to use it to see if we liked the smaller ships over the larger ships and if we liked Norwegian better than Royal Caribbean. We also wanted to see if we liked cruising out of New Orleans since it’s an easy port for us to fly to. We definitely prefer the smaller ships to the larger ships! While we liked the Getaway and would cruise on her again if the itinerary was one we wanted to do, the larger ships really aren’t our speed. Having to book everything in advance and having a hard time getting into certain venues was fr
  5. Cruise - Disembarkation (Sunday, February 2nd) We decided to skip breakfast in the MDR this morning and just do room service again to save time. We were also doing self-assist and we had a day use room scheduled starting at 8am. We thought it’d be less stressful to get off the ship earlier and avoid some of the crowds. We scheduled our room service to come between 6:30am and 7:00am (the earliest time slot possible). It arrived early around 6:15am which was fine because we were already up and waiting. We had mostly packed the night before, so we didn’t have much to do t
  6. Hi there! I've been posting a day by day trip report for our end of January cruise on the Getaway. I just finished day 7. All the Freestyle Dailies are there if you do some digging. Here you go!
  7. Cruise - Day 7 - At Sea (Saturday, February 1st) Before we went to bed, we checked out the weather forecast and saw that it was going to be cooler (in the 60s) and pretty windy, so we figured we’d plan our day around not hanging out in the sun. We met two ladies earlier in the day that went to the Wine Lover’s Musical and loved it. We checked on the app to see if there were still tickets for tomorrow and there were! We booked it for 12:15pm, put out our room service order, and called it a night. Here’s the Freestyle Daily and the disembarkation info:
  8. Cruise - Day 6 - At Sea (Friday, January 31st) Day 6 was back to our usual routine of having our breakfast delivered and then heading to the spa. We got to the spa right around 8am and one thing we noticed this morning was that the beverage station was not set up. Not a huge issue, but it was a little strange. After our time relaxing in the spa, we asked the employees at the front desk on our way out about the beverage station, and they told us there would be no self-service anywhere on the ship that day as a health precaution, but not to worry as it was only precaution
  9. Haha! We definitely try lots of different cocktails when we cruise! That was a Dark and Stormy (dark rum, ginger beer, and lime) before I mixed it up. It's so refreshing. Jamaica really has a gorgeous coastline! Those lovebirds were honestly the entire reason we added Dolphin Cove to our Dunn's River Falls excursion. I love birds and have all types of feeders set up at home, so to be able to have these cuties eat out of our hands was priceless!
  10. We did this on the Getaway on February 1st. Here's the food menu for anyone interested:
  11. Cruise - Day 5 - Ocho Rios, Jamaica (Thursday, January 30th), continued After enjoying some time in the sun, we headed back to our room to relax and get ready for dinner. It was a gorgeous day, so we decided to have pre-dinner drinks on The Waterfront. We headed to The Sunset Bar. Here’s the menu: I had the Bliss Boulevardier and Patrick had the Matador. After a stroll around The Waterfront, we headed to The Tropicana Room for our 5:30pm reservation and we
  12. Cruise - Day 5 - Ocho Rios, Jamaica (Thursday, January 30th) Sorry for the delay in continuing with our report! Here's the Freestyle Daily for Day 5: Since we had an excursion planned for this day that had a meeting time of 9:15am, we decided we’d eat in the MDR to get a heartier breakfast. We got there right when they opened at 7:30am and there was no wait. For breakfast, I started with the Sliced Melon Plate and then had the Eggs Benedict with Country Potatoes. Patrick started wi
  13. Cruise - Day 4 - George Town, Grand Cayman (Wednesday, January 29th) Day 4 started out exactly like day 3 with breakfast in bed and then a visit to the Thermal Suite. We decided not to get off the ship in Grand Cayman because there were six ships in port that day and we just really didn’t want to deal with the tender process with that many people coming back. Here's the Freestyle Daily: After the Thermal Suite, we grabbed our morning Bloody Mary and made our way up to Deck 18 to get some sun. It was a beautiful day! Th
  14. Thank you! The main course is definitely light on the veggies. They are there, but often times are hiding under the meat! You can always order an extra salad from the appetizer options to give you some more greens with your main course. Thanks!! We definitely planned this cruise to be a more relaxing one and it did not disappoint. We weren't happy about how hard it was to get into the smaller venues. Once we figured out the trick of getting there ridiculously early, we were okay. One thing I'd say is that the shows in the main theater were exceptional. If you can book all
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