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  1. Yeah, and throw in some pictures of chair hogs and some videos of pier runners. You know, like the good old days...
  2. I hope Gov Abbott of Texas joins the suit because Galveston has become a fairly big cruise port now.
  3. I think we're on the same frequency Tracie, as I recently booked the Norwegian Gem out of Dominican Republic on September 12, 2021. Again, same as you, this will be my first solo cruise and I booked a balcony. Here's a difference; I'll be staying 4 nights (vice a few) in the Dominican Republic pre-cruise.
  4. Thanks! I am sure this one will sail (no CDC involved). Actually, we will be embarking and disembarking the Norwegian Gem in La Romana, Dom Rep. I think you may be thinking of the Norwegian Joy which will be doing the W. Caribbean cruises out of Jamaica.
  5. O.k., I did. Norwegian Gem, 7-day E. Caribbean out of La Romana, DR. Sep 12-19, 2021. I'm officially designating this as a CC Rat Pack cruise; even if it just myself, lol. I'll "pound" enough drinks on board to represent all CC Rat Packers! You with me??
  6. A cruise around Iceland? That would be cool. <-- get it? Iceland = cool. Sorry, bad joke.
  7. This Norwegian Gem cruise I just booked is Sep 12--19, so still summer (barely). So yes, I am planning on cruising this summer. 👍
  8. Oh, I misread you. Could you shoot me an e-mail about this? Thanks.
  9. I didn't look at the price/day (probably should have, lol) but I have a figure in mind for a 7-day cruise, as a solo (with no solo supplement discount) especially in a regular balcony cabin (which I consider to be a well situated outside cabin). The $2360 price (incl taxes & port fees) I thought was reasonable. But "reasonable" is a subjective term (one person's reasonable may not be another person's reasonable). I'm not sure if NCL has raised their prices or not but I did get the 30% off and the 4 FAS perks. I plan on drinking at least $2,000 worth of booze on this trip, lol. So my cruise will only be $360, lol. I booked United roundtrip from Grand Rapids, MI to Punta Cana, DR (who would've thought there would be an "international" airport there) for $700. It would have been $500 for economy but I need the extra leg room so I booked Economy Plus for $200 more. The flights themselves are pretty good. Only 1 stop each way; in Newark (EWR) on the way down and Washington Dulles (IAD) on the way up. Layover times are 1 hr and 1 1/2 hr, respectively. Oh, by the way, I just realized that in my previous post, I just notified that I had put a "courtesy hold" on this cruise (no $ involved). But since then, I did "pull the trigger" and book it. Deposit was only $125. I'll be giving the CDC the "double rods" on my way to Dom Rep. 😁.
  10. Oh, maybe the Joy was originally built for the Asia market?
  11. I just put a courtesy hold on the Norwegian Gem out of Dom Rep (7-day E. Caribbean) for Sept 12th. I booked a balcony stateroom and I thought the price was reasonable; $2360 all in. I like the itinerary and I'm very interested in trying one of NCL's Jewel-class ships. Hmmm..🤔. I've got until Sat (4/10) to decide (the courtesy hold expires).
  12. Interesting, I thought Joy was a Breakaway + ship and that all in this class has the studio cabins & studio lounge. Maybe only the newer Breakaway + class ships?
  13. Same here. What's one (or two) more "poke(s)" a year? P.S. Love your Montreal Expos avatar btw.
  14. I wonder; what if the covid vaccine is like the flu vaccine and has to be administered every year (and to address cocid variants)?
  15. And a secondary benefit (to being able to cruise) in getting the vaccine is that if you do catch ciovid, you won't be hospitalized and you certainly won't die. Wait, maybe this is the primary benefit...
  16. Hopefully, this move by NCL (on the coattails of Frank Del Rio's letter to the CDC) plus the previous moves by Celebrity & RCI will be enough for the CDC to allow cruises from the U.S.
  17. Actively drinking accounts for 99% of my time on board, so yeah, no masks. Salute! 🍻
  18. Yeah, the cruise lines will probably enforce the masks like they enforce the deck chair saving prohibition that spawned our beloved chair hogs.
  19. I just went on the United website and found this; https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/change-fee.html It looks like you only have to worry about change fees if you book Basic Economy. As I hoped, I'm safe with Economy Plus. @HuliHuli, your safe with United Business.
  20. @HuliHuli Thanks for posting Dave. I plan on flying United and I may be o.k. (I'll have to check United's T&Cs) because I usually book Economy + (or whatever United calls it) because at 6' 4", I need the extra legroom. Hopefully, there won't be any change fees with Economy +.
  21. Great to know, thanks. United will be my airline of choice because they are the only commercial airline that services our small airport here in Muskegon. They (United Express) have a couple of flights a day to/from Chicago O'Hare. I can fly anywhere once I get to O'Hare.
  22. Never too late to "change course" (again, pun intended). Hopefully, all of us will be solo cruising again sooner rather than later. And, we can take advantage of the many photo ops (who cares if we're solo).
  23. I haven't sailed solo (yet). I will just be "embarking" (pun intended) on sailing solo. But, I think you have the right attitude. Absolutely get in those photos! You're right, later on, you'll have those photos to spark certain memories of past solo cruises. And, as you mentioned, I'm sure you have plenty of photos (& memories) of past cruises shared with family and friends.
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