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  1. Thank you all for taking the time and effort to reply. I will proceed with the advice given but it appears I have a battle ahead of me!
  2. Hi, I would like to enquire if anyone else is having a problem securing a full refund from Royal Caribbean. We were booked on the New Zealand cruise leaving Sydney on 29th Feb. Our flight connection to Sydney was via Hong Kong. We received an email from RC on 2nd of Feb. To inform us that we would be denied boarding due to Coronavirus and our transit airport. This was confirmed on Monday 3rd Feb and we were invited to cancel with a full refund over the telephone. We cancelled the following day. We now seem to be in a dispute with Royal Caribbean as they say they can only give us a Future Cruise Cert. We don’t want to accept this as we need the refund to rebook a new vacation ASAP. Their most recent press release dated 10th Feb. has stated the anyone travelling through HK and subsequently denied boarding, as is our case, will be issued with a full refund. The correspondence with R C has highlighted an unusual stipulation referencing this statement. Apparently to avail of the full refund we would need to be physically denied at the Port of Sydney! It’s rather a long way to go to receive a refund as we are travelling from Ireland. Surely as RC has frustrated their contract with us to fulfil our vacation booking we are entitled to a full refund and not a credit note! I would really appreciate any advice on this matter Many Thanks!
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