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  1. Thanks for the reply LHT28. I should have specified that I have researched the luxury lines both on company websites and on these boards, but without experience of my own I was hopeful that there may be some that have sailed some or all of the players in the class and give some experience based opinions on what they liked and did not like. Thanks again for the response.
  2. I have been on about 10 cruises all with major lines (mostly disney with our kids). My wife and I are looking to take our first cruise to Alaska, and our first couples cruise without kids. We think we want a luxury cruise, but Im having a hard time discerning which would be best. I understand there are so many variables, and at this moment I am leaning towards a Seabourn cruise, but am open to any suggestions for a fantastic luxury cruise with late july early august window. Many thanks in advance to any input.
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