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  1. In CEO speak, that's "aspirational." You can say that your "strategy" is not to be the deepest discounter, but if that's not actually the result . . . oh, well! I was tempted by those $399 transatlantics. But that was at peak hysteria, so I held off. And I think they got cancelled anyway, but I'm not sure.
  2. Same here. That's why I've carried Amex for so many years. When things go wrong, they cover you. Amex took care of this chargeback in 1 call and posted the credit in the same billing cycle.
  3. It definitely drops my confidence in NCL to zero. They're still showing a 4/12 departure from New York, when the NY Cruise Terminal is officially closed. Not a word on the NCL website.
  4. Photo from my roof of USNS Comfort arriving at Manhattan Cruise Terminal
  5. Agreed. They're being so opaque about their intentions that it's impossible to trust them.
  6. This is the kind of operational risk that makes a person very reluctant to cruise right now. And makes one wish that NCL would promptly cancel cruises that involve that kind of risk.
  7. I'm looking at NCL.com, where they're still selling cruises leaving NYC just 15 days from now. I can't imagine anybody's buying those, but if they try, I guess nobody will stop them.
  8. Relative to our population, the incidence of Covid or any other disease is very small. In the last week you'd see a large proportion of people with masks, but few people are outside, most are staying home.
  9. Exactly. And why are they continuing to sell those cruises on their website?
  10. The federal government has announced that anyone who lives in or visits New York City should presume to be exposed to covid and should self-quarantine for 14 days if they travel anywhere else. NCL says that they’ll deny boarding to people exposed to covid. Can any cruise lines embark passengers in New York City during the next month? NCL has 6 cruises departing from NYC in April.
  11. I'm more concerned about operational risk than onboard experience or even infection risk. There's an increasing chance of getting stranded in a foreign port, barred from re-entry, quarantined, unable to get flights back, etc. Most of that is beyond NCLs control, but it still makes a cruise too likely to become an expensive and massive pain in the neck for everyone. I can't imagine why NCL would even attempt sailing for the next few months.
  12. If the cruise line cancels, they're required by law to give a refund. They're not doing you a favor, it's an absolute obligation.
  13. Amazon does it every day. Slow-walking refunds is a sleazy business practice. NCL should know better.
  14. OTOH, if NCL could make the cancellation FCCs they're offering convertible to stock, it would at least be an interesting offer. It could help preserve their cash position and it would be fungible for customers. I have no idea whether that's legal or practical. Probably neither.
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