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  1. Oh, what was I thinking. There wasn't a single Cunarder named after a historical figure before the Queen Mary except for the Berengaria.* I will make use of this pandemic and learn the names of all roman provinces by heart during my time at home. In accordance with Cunard tradition RMS Unicorn will be the appropriate name of the vessel, as we will not see a fourth Cunarder in the near future. *Except for the "Royal George", but this name is of such an unprecedented ghastliness that it shall be omitted from all official histories.
  2. Well, if you want pure Britishness you should choose P&O, Cunard is a rather international line. I just think that naming ships after historical figures is not a particularly good idea as this can spark controversy. I prefer the traditional naming scheme like "Berengaria", "Carpathia" or "Mauretania" - but I am perfectly aware that these names won't return.
  3. Which would open up the opportunity for building a Cunarder that actually looks like a ship and not like a shopping cart. Also it would spare us from that rather ghastly name "Queen Anne". But then, I am probably the only person in the world to choose the ships I travel on by judging the quality of the naval architecture.
  4. This is actually a very important point. Most other ships are all British, all American or all German. Although the Cunard clientele draws heavily on the anglo-germanic world, there is a certain mix of passengers that makes the Cunarders a more comfortable, more interesting kind of ship than most others. Cunard is branded as "expensive" and "formal"(at least this is what the average P&O passenger believes). This tends to attract the more seasoned kind of travelers, who are in general also well educated. This in turn leads to a demand for high class entertainment (guest speakers, decent li
  5. I wore a white dinner jacket in September and didn't have to walk the plank.
  6. Buy a jacket at one of the shops and turn up for dinner with the very same jacket for seven days straight. In fact I've met such a bloke and he was way to proud of himself.
  7. It may sound simple but at Cunard they know what they're doing and they to it properly. They run a proper liner, a proper bar (the CC), a proper afternoon tea, a proper library a proper lecture programme and a proper orchestra. It simply sets the standard for all mass market lines. But this isn't the reason why I sail with Cunard, the true reason is this:
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