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  1. "Not that we in the UK have anything to boast about - we're the fourth highest in the world! " True but there does seem to some crap record keeping, investigation indicates if you had a positive C-19 test it stayed on record so if you got run over by a bus after recovery SOME areas recorded it as a C-19 death based on the positive test....watch the figures they should be amended in time
  2. I cancalled a "Coast to Coat" through the panama canal before cruising was stopped. My choice to lose my deposit rather than risk the virus. It was a cruise I REALLY wanted to do, a once in a lifetime one (have done various others) Now to the point:- I will not be cruising if I have to wear a mask....anywhere. I will not be cruising if there is social distancing, and a personal one I will not be cruising if there is not a buffet. SO, I accept I will NOT be cruising anymore for a few years at least.
  3. There is much chat on other forums concerning changes to rules etc for the re start of cruising. There are a lot of posts suggesting ways the major lines could handle things. Now for what ever reason I do NOT like the really big 4,000 passenger and above ships and there are a lot of these on various order books....bookings and builds that have to be paid for. I feel the Mega ships will be more of a problem to fill for several years with or without any governmental regulations. People will be a little apprehensive of the queues that form regardless of planning and design. My love is the 2,000 - 2,500 size ship surely easier to control spacing etc and not usually subject to big queues. All this prompts the question will some of these new orders quietly disappear ? The lines seem keen to make a lot of special offers, my inbox often has offers of specials..such and such free offer ends such a date to be followed by Flash !! Offer extended. I know NCL have several big ships on order and I assume they are not alone. Cruising will not be as it was last year for several years if ever. Economies need to be made by the Cruise Lines and will The cruising population will be under economic pressure as well. I just see major reduction in the potential size of the cruise market
  4. The movement of the ship does not bother me unduly. The side thrusters, yes they are noisy and cause vibration but only momentarily. Not a problem for me since the first glimpse of a new port and the docking activity i enjoy. the biggest "con" was the balcony. Because of the design it was huge, so far so good. We were on a Baltic cruise so not great heat like in some places and when underway the balcony was VERY windy and virtually ubuseable. May not be a problem in the Caribbean or hotter area. Secondary to the balcony, even on the tenth deck the door is not the usual balcony sliding floor to ceiling door but a heavy steel watertight door and just a window to the side of the door. Personally I will not book a forward facing suite again, but my favorite is a stern (aft) facing suite. Noisy on the balcony when underway but just watching the wake has a real draw and fascination for me. But to be fair some dislike that....I love it.
  5. I did note the requirement had been rescinded, it just triggered my wondering how big a chunk of the overall clientele we were. Thank you Sekhmet for answering the question
  6. I feel ANY timetable revealed at the moment will be unlikely to run its course. OR the definition of normal should read "new" normal. Crowds as in sports events, concerts etc will be very unlikely to open by July in Ireland. There will still be no or extremely limited international travel. Social distancing may well still be in place and as 4801 above I feel even if restaurants and bars open there may well be very few customers for a long while. Still, we all live in hope.......
  7. AS for the weekend I feel it should be this weekend. The wife's reaction was "does it matter.....get out there and cut it!"
  8. I am sure this must have been asked but I cannot fine the answer! With the recent and vocal discussions on the now rescinded "over 70" proposals I was wondering what percentage of overall cruise passengers were in fact over 70. I feel it must be quite a profitable group for the Cruise lines. I did not discover cruising until 72 and have cruised every year since barring 2020! I did have a panama canal trip booked from Orlando to Seattle and very much hope to do that, maybe in 2022.
  9. Late May or June has not a chance. this will peak in the US around May/June with millions of infections. Whilst I would not go so far as to say the industry will not recover it will take literally years to get back to where it was. The chances of a vaccine in a year or so may prove wrong, or even impossible. Ports like Dubrovnik and Venice may decide enough is enough and rely on air tourism and a bigger income boost because of hotel/restaurants would generate either more money or the same money with fewer people. I think as Clo above, there will be dramatic consolidation of the industry and a lot os ships mothballed or converted for other use.
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    Ruby Princess

    close this thread...refer to Princess cruises
  11. Cee_Jay

    Ruby Princess

    Is there a post on the Ruby Princess? Seems princess know virus cases on board but let all passengers off.....seems to have started with a desire just to get them off the ship!
  12. ignorant question but given the above about cruise passenger income. What are the Docking fees and charges for say a 3,000 passenger ship? That must be a reasonable amount?
  13. Gottaknowwhen.. Think of the crew time you are talking of...temperature checks twice daily for what maybe 6,000 people. Cost would be astronomic....and have to be covered by the fare. Even for half that number it would not really be possible
  14. Hlitner, back on subject I see two things or possibilities. The first question you have touched on is will people WANT to cruise in the foreseeable future. If this virus or something simelar hangs around unless a vaccine is found and can be produced in the volume required for the world, people may not want to risk cruises. The comment that the Government will not let the cruise lines go is just a wishful thought. The government could possibly bale out big cargo carriers but there will be MANY things ahead of a leisure operation, like food and power supplies, medical facilities and a whole lot more. In a bad case scenario the cruise lines will be left to themselves....
  15. The QE2 and Camberra were British owned nd registered. Most of the big cruise ships are foreign owned and registered in "tax favorable" locations. Might be all sorts of legal problems requisitioning them
  16. Flyingron needs to look at some official figures.....currently 138,271 cases reported, of those 62,470 are open and 75,801 are closed. Of the closed cases 70719 have been cleared and 5,042 have died. The death rate has just gone up to 7%. It is virtually imopssible at the moment to get a handle on the numbers since infection spreads before one shows symptoms. Some countries have better health systems than others so yes, some will beat those numbers, just pray your country is one of them or you are looking at seven figure deaths
  17. Agree with Jchivers, lets get back to the demise of cruising in 2020........
  18. Be very surprised if they resume in May.......numbers everywhere would seem to indicate possibly peaking around then. Also the headline number of 130,000 cases being bandied about loses sight of far fewer active cases, 55,000 at the moment and 68,000 recovered. We should be looking at the 55K not the 130K
  19. All of you are making me regret ever having asked anything about life boats!
  20. AV 70 Australia reported 23 new cases today....welcome to the club
  21. They are not against cruise ship, they are trying to avoid adding to virus concerns. In many of these countries and even states Cruise passengers are a good part of their economies and turning away a ship with thousands of fairly free spending visitors si not taken lightly
  22. If on a ship a person has symptoms they will be quarantined. There WILL be other cases since a person is infectious before showing symptoms and it is known this virus can live on surfaces for a time. SO, you stay in your cabin and what? You use room service exclusively for your food and handle the tray the crew member hands you? Maybe you ask him to leave it outside the door, with people walking past? Even as a travel writer spending all the time in your cabin seems a waste of money and your time. Oh yes you are getting off at the private island......off the ship and back on in a crowd who will not be considering your Social distancing being more interested on getting on or off the ship. Finally of course when the ship is quarantined and your 14 is up (during which other cases have appeared) your released to your country and may well be required to go another 14 days or maybe you go home, relieved to be out of it and relate your story to friends and family.......and wake the next day with a slight fever.............
  23. My first ship was the Norwegian Sun so that has a place on my list but maybe surprisingly my first choice would be the Norwegian Spirit BEFORE the last refit. I know it was "dated" to be polite, but it had some unidentifiable charm. I say this despite having the cruise miss some ports, one of which was the reason for booking but N. Atlantic in Sept is temperamental and captain had no real choice. Just a lovely ship and great crew. I know the upgrade was needed and look forward to trying her again, but wonder if the charm survived......
  24. Just picking up from a comment on another thread about muster. Are all passengers and crew allocated a lifeboat? From the muster I assume so but does that mean all the inflate able rafts one sees around the deck(s) are "surplus" to the boats. Just wondering since the space allocation to passengers in lifeboats is minimal (given the hip measurements of many these days!)
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