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  1. Has nothing to do with boredom. Thinking about using the option while I have it. If I wait the 90 days and the refund either does not happen or, worse carnival is out of business, then I am out for sure. I'm pretty sure the cost of a cruise is a large enough amount the card company is not going to just write it off. But I agree with you I don't like the idea of sticking the cc company with it.
  2. I have been wondering this also. Mine was canceled when they suspended operations and I filled out for the refund. I paid for mine earlier this year and am still in the dispute window with me credit card company. I wondered about going ahead and filing a dispute while I still have the option. I also have a shore excursion I have not gotten refunded yet for. I just don't want to see Carnival hold it against me for filing a dispute; which I have heard horror stories of other lines banning passengers who tried to dispute charges. Has anyone had experience filing a CC dispute with
  3. I second using insuremytrip for comparing and buying insurance. In my experience the insurance offered through Carnival is much less coverage, only covers the cruise portion, and only gives you future credit. I can usually find a more comprehensive policy for close to the same cost as the Carnival insurance offering.
  4. We are booked for a March 28 cruise out of Miami. Like a lot of others, my main concern is the risk of being quarantined and stuck on the ship for days (or weeks) after our cruise. We are in our 40s and healthy, I totally get the higher concerns of those in a bigger risk group. I hope in the next couple of weeks they figure out a better solution than a whole ship quarantine. It does seem though, at least, that it has only happened to a couple of ships that we have heard about. There have to be dozens of cruise ships starting and finishing between all of the ports they operate out o
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