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  1. May 2021 I’m not worried . I have 3rd party insurance that also covers financial default . But I seriously doubt carnival is going bankrupt
  2. On my last cancelled cruise , they converted the would be penalty of $1800 into the fcc and transferred the remaining funds to the new booking . Just wondering if they cancel again and I have the option of a 100 % refund , if that amount would also be included ??
  3. I sail her May 28. Cutting it awful close for us . I read the article about looking for a shipyard and asked John Heald , he said the work will remain in Spain . Then I saw an article from Spain that the union wanted Carnival to remove the Victory from the dock as they are concerned about carnival filing bankruptcy and the ship not being able to move and deterring other contracts for the shipyard . So maybe they will move her to another dock in Spain or a new shipyard all together???
  4. I’m curious . I took the fcc / obc offer on my first cancelled sailing . If my 2nd is also cancelled , is Carnival offering a full refund including the fcc portion of the paid fare from prior cancellation?
  5. Smart .. November is cutting it close for Radiance. I really don’t think they will cruise in August and better to not have a ship in dry dock when they do .
  6. My interpretation from an article in Spain was that the ship arrived the day before the shipyard was shut down . There were contractors onboard when she arrived and Carnival had to repatriate those workers . It appears those contractors will have to be brought back to continue the work as the shipyard is not equipped to handle the refurbishment alone . Time will tell , hoping they can get everyone back to complete her by her scheduled sailings in November
  7. Victory is not in dry dock and still moored at the pier . Allure of the seas is in dry dock . Google carnival victory location and you can follow her in real time
  8. You may already know this , but if you go to Facebook and type Radiance John Heald in the search bar .. it will only pull up posts that have something to do with Radiance. He gets lots of other questions every day , it saves time
  9. Watch John Healds Facebook page . He has lots of questions regarding Radiance . His latest response today. “ I’m hoping to have an update in the next few days “ we will see
  10. According to the Spanish papers , which I can’t verify . The alarm had already begun when Victory arrived with 3500 crew and contractors aboard . They did not enter dry dock as the next day the shipyard was closed . However , the contractors onboard demo’d the ship in the way over . It sounds plausible . They actually had to pull a few strings to enter Spain at that time and all onboard tested and could not leave the ship . Pretty sure it was a big mess .
  11. The ship never made it into dry dock , moored in Spain waiting on Carnival . You can verify by googling Carnival victory location in real time
  12. Hopefully so. I do understand them at least waiting to see if they are able to sail in August as planned . After that they need to let us know what their intentions are
  13. I read an article concerning payments about Allure of the seas (RC) Custom items were prepaid and now in storage as they have downsized the refurbishment on that ship . I believe the labor is not paid until complete . She is in dry dock in Spain now only getting maintenance upgrades . But she was not demoed as the Victory
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