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  1. I received my refund in full for my May 9th Cruise on the Joy and my pre-paid gratuites.
  2. I call yesterday about my gratuitues refund which still hasent been refunded been nearly a month+ the rep said 90 days. Then I asked him do you see that I requested a refund for my cruise, he looked around and said no i do not see it. i was like what? I filled out the request form online. I told him I screen recored a video of me doing it on April 13th and I got a generic email about the cancellation "Thank you.Your refund request form was submitted successfully. Please allow 90 days for us to process your request. Norwegian Cruise Line Pre Cruise Guest Relations". He wasent sure, So Im thinking they will wait 60-90 days before they acutally do the submittion of the refund or im not sure.
  3. Im still waiting on my Prepaid Service Charges (gratuities) to be refunded to credit card still nothing, is been 1 month 😠
  4. Has anyone who prepaid for gratuities / other prepaid services that requested a refund in February get there money back yet to your cc? I requested a refund for my Prepaid gratuities on 2/9/2020 I was told I would receive the refund in 7-10 business days. Its 4/4/2020 I still didn't get anything refunded I'm pissed and irritated. Is it possible to file a cc chargeback after a month of waiting or what should I do? ugh...
  5. Today I receive my Future Cruise Credit [Cancellation email] for half of what I paid for. My total was $2655 for my May 9th Cruise on the Joy I only received $1,071.50 FCC at first I thought why isn't it showing the full price I paid. I then went back and looked at my CONFIRMATION GUEST COPY and I see this below. [Look at the picture at the end of my post] To see the other $1,071.50 FCC I had to make a new account for Guest #2 with there latitude number that ncl made up themselves. After I made guests #2 account only then could I see the other half of the fair in Guests #2 account. My Questions Nowhere do I see a FCC for the Gov Tax/Port Exp/Fees $1,028.48 guest#1 $259.12 guest#2 $259.12 guest#3 $255.12 guest#4 $255.12 How will I get this money back? Why are my Future Cruise Credit's Split between 2 guests? when I paid with one credit card and the other guests didn't even have a ncl account to begin with. ___ I requested a refund for my Prepaid Service Charges (gratuities) on February 9th I was told I would receive the refund for $420 in 7-10 business days today is 4/3/2020 its almost been one month. To this day I still don't see the refund in my cc. I called ncl multiple times and they told me there busy/slow processing refunds they have many, it will take some time just to wait patiently etc, they cant make it any faster. ___ Starting march 13th I will request a Cash (cc) refund https://www.ncl.com/case-submission/peace-of-mind do I have to request 2 refunds for guest 1 and guest 2 or just do it once? I also read this when clicking the link above Suspended Sailings – Refund Request This form can only be used if you are requesting a refund for all individuals on a reservation. Partial refunds are not allowed. By submitting this form, I confirm that I am authorized to cancel the above reservation on behalf of all persons on the subject reservation, and I understand that the refund will be returned to the original form of payment. To add to my frustration this was going to be my first cruise I am extremely disappointed at NCL, all this have done is caused me many headaches and nerves and I will mostly NEVER CRUISE WITH NCL or prob any cruise company again unless I change my mind in the future.
  6. I cancelled my prepaid gratuities on 3/9. They said 7-10 days will be refunded to credit card I still don’t see it it’s 3/27 today I’m frustrated with NCL. I called multiple times and they said a lot of people are cancelling there refund department is slower then usual and told me they can’t do nothing to process it faster. Then I was told to wait a few more weeks. I’m pissed!
  7. For the people that cancelled there prepaid gratuities for a cash refund (cc). Did you get a email about it showing money going back to the cc, im wondering because I cancelled my yesterday but the only email i got was showing AMENITY CONFIRMATION but nothing there. On the phone they said 7-10 day refund will be proceeded back to cc but I didn't get any official refund confirmation of the prepaid gratuities being refunded, anyone else experience the same thing or different?
  8. I just cancelled my prepaid gratuities the lady I was talking to said why am I cancelling I was like this is the last day to get a refund via cc cause I don't want a future cruise credit. She was trying to say you can get a refund up to 48 hrs I said yea but its a future cruise credit not a cash refund. Then she tried to tell me there is a corona virus vaccine, just needs to be tested? (I was thinking what is she saying lol). I should receive a cash refund to my cc in about 2 weeks or 7-10 days.
  9. I just want to get a 100% refund of my money and not a future cruise credit 😞 I guess all just wait and hopefully if NCL cancels the cruise themselves they will give money back instead of a future cruse credit.
  10. from my understanding you don't get a 100% refund you only get a 100% future cruise credit if you cancel.
  11. So there no way to get 100% of your money if you cancel? only a future cruise credit? that sucks :(
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