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  1. Looks like a couple lines have finally stopped at Klawock, incl RSS Explorer. Wonder if anyone can share any impressions of their visit to this port?
  2. So far a couple of cruises have stopped in Klawock during its initial opening. Any feedback or experiences anyone can share of the Klawock visit?
  3. According to reports, Oceania indeed originally offered passengers some compensation, with a decision deadline for accepting some weeks in the future, and then unilaterally without warning, snatched that offer off the table, leaving passengers high and dry for believing Oceania's offer. And then Oceania completely ignored passengers asking for an explanation. Difficult to see how such behavior would not be a major marketing mistake.
  4. It seems the key here is the future tense- nothing appears to be really ready for prime time yet, everything still appears to be in future phases. Additionally, the focus on developing a tourist area with purpose-built attractions seems to make it more a disneyland than an organic, historic venue, as far as cruise passengers are concerned. Will be eager to here reports of the initial visitors, assuming the tender dock is completed on time for the first dockings in May.
  5. So sad. Also noteworthy is the silence from all those who disparaged passengers expressing sincere concern here over Red Sea traverses not too long ago.
  6. Received notice without explanation that RSS will replace the long-established scheduled port of Ketchikan in 2024 with the brand new and as-yet incomplete port of Klawock, Alaska. No excursions listed yet. Probably understandable, as the port has not yet set up a cruise tourist infrastructure. I hadn't heard of this port of call, so did a little research and posted results in a different forum (link below). Looking forward to reports once people actually visit Klawock. Until then, we can only speculate on why an established, historic port with a portfolio of excursions was summarily replaced.
  7. Klawock will be a brand new Inside Passage port starting in 2024. Oceania and Seabourn will be adding this stop to their itinerary. Regent Seven Seas, for its part, in some cases will entirely replace the Ketchikan visit with Klawock. Being new, Klawock doesn't seem to have much cruise infrastructure set up at this point. Opening was already postponed a year because facilities were not completed as planned. They need to build a new dock, but for now plan to have a "temporary tender dock," which seems to indicate a tender will be necessary. There are also plans this year to establish a "temporary" visitor center and "temporary" rest rooms at the temporary dock. The temporary dock is some ways from town, so I'm assuming a bus will run back and forth. The main attraction at this point seems to be a small hilly section of town park where 21 replica totem poles stand, with interpretive signs. Beyond that, guests can walk through the town along the river if they want. There are also plans to set up more dining options or gift shop options than currently exist. Also there seems to be a boat ride where one can watch for whales or otters, as one can also so watch from the cruise ship. Looking forward to actual port and excursion reports once anyone actually goes on any, assuming things are actually set up for temporary facility opening this May. No doubt this will be interesting as an added stop, in addition to the biggies (ie, Sitka, Ketchikan, Juneaus...). But completely replacing an established Ketchikan with Klawock on the part of ultra luxury Regent Seven Seas is an interesting and curious move. Perhaps they are saving on port fees.
  8. "1. A travel agent works for you. The cruise line agent works for them. " Travel agents collect revenue from the provider- in this case the cruise company. Therefore, the cruise company is the client, hence the customer of the travel agency. The product the travel agent sells to its client is me, the traveling consumer. Therefore, the travel agent works for its customer, the cruise line, and sells me- the product- to the cruise line in exchange for payment.
  9. Now UK warships involved in Red Sea missile attacks, and commercial freighters hit. Maersk suspends container ship traffic in the Red Sea. Yet no comment here from those who mocked consumers expressing serious safety concerns about cruising through the Red Sea.
  10. If only all the little people were as experienced global travelers as moi, they would realize corporations promising this or that, and then breaking their promises, are only doing it because of reasons.
  11. When cruise companies are concerned with visiting ports in Israel, despite missiles being deployed for decades, they are smart and right. When customers of cruise companies are concerned with cruising seas where missiles are deployed for decades, including today, they are big babies and need to go to Disneyland.
  12. US destroyer and commercial ships being attacked on the Red Sea today. "The attack potentially marked a major escalation in a series of maritime attacks in the Mideast linked to the Israel-Hamas war." https://www.aol.com/news/pentagon-says-us-warship-multiple-155851994.html
  13. So that explains why O first offered, then without notice snatched back, it's offer of compensation to concerned customers. It's the customers' own fault.
  14. There are online applications and calculators that can give you costs for premium. I looked up a cruise with a $22,000 fare, and the premium was $5,000. If you don't use it, you are out $5000. If you use it, you are still out the $5000 premium, and also out the $5500 that represents the 25% of the cruise fare the insurance does not cover. So if say I did pull the trigger on that insurance, I would be out the equivalent of about half the original cruise fare. This is just one example I looked up, and doesn't necessarily represent anyone else's premium, but this type of insurance certainly isn't a panacea, just a help to at least recoup something.
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