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  1. It’s a Pandora’s box. if it’s 5 or 50 you won’t know. If the ship suddenly has to return to home port early, they exceed the allowed threshold. Leave the box closed. Because sometimes you really don’t want the answers.
  2. i understand 100% why the cruise lines want pre covid testing now. What I don’t understand is the lack of leadership. besides a few paragraphs on telling you that you have to be tested. No help is offered in obtaining the correct testing. I have read so many posts on a few different cruise message boards. So many of us are frustrated. They could have rolled out a single point FAQ. and CLIA should 100% be behind this as the voice of the cruise industry. CHARLES SILVIA WHERE IS YOUR LEADERSHIP? Set up a website that works for all partner cruise lines with direct, clear, simple instructions about where to get testing, proper types, who pays, links. ect… this random take care of it yourself and hope for the best does not sit well with me. The industry can do better. And assist its passengers. OK i’ve ranted… I feel better now…
  3. every single thing about your post is mostly inaccurate. Most companies that do business outside the USA do the very same thing to avoid paying as US taxes. Just like every other US taxpayers does. We all try to find the loopholes to pay as little as possible. AND ITS ALL LEGAL. That’s big business. Thats just the way it is. You are just as guilty as the rest of us. Corporations are just trying to do the same only in larger $$$$ amounts. Now, i do 100% agree with you that the Cruises lines should not get a single penny of bailout funds. But that is only because I would rather see the money redistribution through other channels. Small business under 20mil of annual sales volume, self employed the list goes on. They should receive the lions share to restart the economy. However, this will NOT happen because those multinational multi billion dollar corps have a huge economic impact for instance cruise lines keeps millions of people employed from Truck drivers, port administration, dock workers, home office personnel, and not to mention the 100’s of millions spent on sourcing the food and beverage needed to operate these ships at US ports employees so many of our fellow citizens. They need the bailout in order to survive or the alternative is a financial crisis like we have never seen before. So, it is sometimes necessary for the govt to intervene because they are simply TO BIG TO FAIL. please stay well, 🤗
  4. Not accurate. That is done to speed up construction. However, cruise lines can and have done amazing retrofits to prefab cabins.
  5. Perhaps the OP just types vvvvvvery slowly.
  6. I would not take anything other than a cash refund from NCL. I don't think they can financially recover. Too much debt, not enough cash on hand.
  7. NCL is also offering 150% FCC on sailings departing this weekend, as well as the refund option.
  8. FYI: they just closed DisneyLand. So, there you go. i’m sure WDW is next...
  9. Are they closing schools and Universities in the UK? Seems you guys are able to test for. COVID-19 much quicker than in the states right now?
  10. This will be All Cruise lines. Most likely Carnival corp. will be first since Princess is under their umbrella. Royal, MSC, NCL ect... will follow suit. Problem is NCL probably wont survive this financially. They are heavily in debt and very little in cash. However, someone will buy them out. I truly hope we can ALL soon enough have this in our rear view mirror, and this crisis will be over very soon and we all stay well and healthy.
  11. Typical bureaucratic response. The same thought process would also have to close 1) All public transportation 2) commercial air travel 3) All non essential shopping ie: Malls 4) library 5) public entertainment venues ie: movies, concerts, sports, shows/plays ect... 6) self service restaurants and whatever else you can think of...
  12. 1) Booked two connected cabins for our Oasis cruise in Aug. question is, can we have the Wow bands Or key cards open both doors? 2) I like late night snacking on cruises, Is it true that after 9pm its pizza or room service only? 3) Of all the up charge dining venues on Oasis, which are the top 2? 4) more questions on the way.
  13. Love Curaçao, The floating bridge into town, with those vibrant pastel colors of the buildings. Its like a living post card. Been there many times, always enjoy going back. The locals always friendly, good food (if your willing to be adventurous) off the beaten path. And those trade winds on the beach, sitting under the shade with my wife, and a tropical drink In hand. PARADISE!!!
  14. We have two connected cabins for our Oasis cruise in Aug. question is can we have the Wow bands Or key cards open both doors?
  15. CONGRATULATIONS, What a joyous way to celebrate. Bless the both of you...
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