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  1. The point is that quality, responsible cruiselines, like all of those noted in the cruise critic citation, have cancelled almost everything in Asia. Azamara is putting profits over its customers' health risk by forcing them to even consider travelling to Singapore, which has been as hard hit as Hong Kong.
  2. Everything I just posted to you represents direct quotes from the Cruise critic citation from today at 945AM. How you can conclude that all of these cruise lines offering refunds, some with incentives on future cruises is the same as what Azamara is offering is beyond bewildering. I can only assume you an apologist sent by Azamara to try to make their egregious behavior seem ok.
  3. Read below and you should be angry. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5016/ From the website Cruise Critic.com, the updates say………. Even Azamara's sister company Celebrity is doing refunds. They have posted that all booked passengers on Celebrity Millennium will receive refunds, plus 25 percent future cruise credits, as well as refunds of any excursions and onboard packages. Those with air travel and hotel booked through Flights by Celebrity will be refunded automatically; people with independent air arrangements will receive up to $300 per person reimbursement for a
  4. Just be aware that, according to data on Cruisecritic.com, Azamara's cancellation policy decision regarding COVID-19 is among the worst in the industry. They are even an outlier regarding their own parent company (RC) and sister cruiselines (Celebrity). If you are forced to take a cruise of a type or to a place you really do not want, its not really much better than just losing your money.
  5. They are not a total loss, except that they are forcing you to take a cruise before the end of 2021 to places you may not want to go and mostly to cruises around a single country. If they are not going back to where you wanted to go and are, instead, offering places or types of cruises of no interest to you, I don't think its unreasonable to consider that pretty close to a total loss. Even their sister lines (RC and Celebrity) are offering refunds, some even including an incentive of 10+ percent on a future cruise. If you review the responses to this crisis by all cruise lines on Cruisecritic
  6. Azamara customers, both pending and future, should know that Azamara has released an edict stipulating that booked cruises before July 2020 will have non-refundability, non transferability and the requirement that another cruise must be chosen on Azamara and not other RC family ships. Most of Azamara's competitors, including its sister companies, RC and Celebrity, are offering refunds. Indeed, some are even with offering additional incentives on future cruises. Azamara is supposed to be the luxury cruise line of the RC fleet. Luxury usually connotes higher quality of customer caring and a mor
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