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  1. The Government website states: "The Chief Medical Officer has advised that over-70s and vulnerable travellers with pre-existing health conditions should not travel on cruise ships. Travellers with existing cruise travel plans should speak to their operator, transport and accommodation provider for further advice". I have to say, this is meaningless when it comes to travel insurance. FCO travel advice is what counts, and that is currently: "The FCO is currently advising: against all travel to Hubei Province, in China against all but essential travel to the
  2. Fingers crossed. Me and the wife still have the Baltic to do!
  3. The truth is the Prime Minister might as well have said look both ways before crossing the road. What he said about over 70s not taking a cruise is a sound bite. Nothing more. It's not Government policy. Its not Govt advice, and its certainly not a FCO advisory. What it is is a good summation of how our Govt has handled (and continues to handle) the pandemic. With 'nudge theory' management designed to shift the focus onto individuals decision making rather than, say, taking a decision to stop 200,000 people converging from all over the country (and abroad) on Cheltenham for a racin
  4. A quick update on my situation. I posted here a couple of days ago asking if people thought I was over-reacting since I was considering cancelling our Marella cruise in the Baltic in May. Well, I cancelled. As we were past the 70 day mark we've lost 30% (around £1200) but I have to say we don't regret it at all. My wife has an underlying auto immune medical condition that makes her extremely vulnerable to COVID19, the GP wouldn't do anything, and until the UK Govt takes a position our travel insurance won't kick in. And since our PM has released a statement today saying
  5. Do people think I'm over reacting? We are due to go on a Marella cruise around the Baltic in May, and if we cancel now it will cost us around c.£1200. The problem is my other half has an underlying medical condition that will make her especially vulnerable if she did contract Corona. Despite the financial hit I'm still thinking of cancelling, but part of me thinks I'm just over reacting and everything will be ok (especially given the time until we go, location etc)
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