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  1. Just posted about lack of refund credit email on Twitter and now they are saying end of this month, not impressed.
  2. Has anyone had their refund credit email, mine was supposed to be here by today. Reports are going on trustpilot about this now
  3. Conscious of people in much worse situation always. The upto part of the discount is a bit like the upto x percent off sales in shops. Very few, probably only one item has the full amount off. There will be more conditions on the discount most likely. I'm due my email on first of May so will report back.
  4. Sweby, I guess it depends on how your define "the time that you book an individual trip,". If you amend to a later date I guess they will argue that is the date you purchased, especially if you have to pay a difference. I'd image they'd wriggle out on that one. In future I think we will all have to be very careful selecting travel insurance and the prices are sure to go up. There are sure to be pandemic exclusions or pandemic cover as an extra. If insurance doesn't cover you enough, then it's not really insurance anymore in my eyes. If holiday and insurance prices
  5. More bad press for Tui: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-8211035/Bailed-TUIs-bosses-refuse-accept-pay-cut-despite-furloughing-11-000-UK-staff.html
  6. The thing I learned most in my customer service years is that communication goes a long way. Even if it's not always what the the customer wants to hear. Tui aren't excelling in this area, it's not the fault of the front line staff who must be at the wits end by now. I hope people are being nice to them.
  7. Nothing yet from April 10th Explorer cruise.
  8. Has anyone who has had their cruise cancelled had contact from tui regarding the flexible options? They should put the options online, report on Twitter of a four hour hold then getting cut off.
  9. FYI, Just had this email from Tui. No mention of refunds, but I guess they wouldn't : We do have other options which you may like to consider and our team are on hand to help you find the best alternatives and talk you through the following options: • As you’re a valued customer, we’re offering you a discount of £200 per adult and £100 per child on another Marella cruise – providing you book before 30th April 2020. This applies to any cruise currently on sale up to 30th September 2020. • For sailings further out, we’re offering £50 per adult and £25 per child on a
  10. I have have a friend who works in ultrasound as a manager who told me last night that it's like a war zone and she isn't someone who would say that lightly. Considering the terrible situation all over the world but especially in Italy and Spain right now I'd say there is almost zero chance your cruise will go ahead. Tui say you can move to a later date if you have a holiday booked up to 30th June, personally I'd sit tight and wait for the inevitable cancellation, if not you can still move it. Do not cancel yourself or you will lose most of your money. I'm waiting fo
  11. FYI, from Tui rep on Twitter, April 5th cruise (not sure where that goes from) is still scheduled to go ahead. That was about an half an hour ago.
  12. Hey Kevin, I just want a solid response from them like other lines have. I feel for the staff, I used to work on a call center myself. To now I have found them very good. This delaying tactic I find disappointing. If that's slagging then off then yes, and I won't apologise for it.
  13. Good news for those who will get a refund. I'm waiting on 10th April cruise now, knowing tui they'll be hanging on until they have to. All running normal after Spain might lost the port ban there saying on Twitter.
  14. Saga have suspended cruises until 1st May now.
  15. My wife and I are on blood pressure medication, I wonder if that counts, we're in out 40s.
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